The IRS change of address corporation form must be sent to let important agencies, people, and other contacts know that your business address has changed.

Change of address information is especially important to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) because you need to receive any mail or refunds sent to you on a timely basis. Otherwise, checks or other important letters could get lost in the mail. It takes up to six weeks for this process, so don't delay.

How to Change Your Business Address with the IRS

Individuals who need to notify the IRS that their address has changed use Form 8822. However, businesses need to use IRS Form 8822B, titled Change of Address or Responsible Party. If you are the business's responsible party, you will need to use it when your address changes as well. You must fill out both your old and new addresses, and send the form to the appropriate IRS office. To find out where to send it based on your location, use the chart located at the bottom of Form 8822B, available on the IRS website.

You can also notify the IRS by using your new address on your tax return. You'll find a box on the top of the tax forms where you can write your new business address. The IRS will automatically update the address when a new one is reported. However, if you file electronically, you need to check to see if your old address is still being used and update it accordingly.

The IRS also allows you to notify of an address change with a written statement that includes all of the information on Form 8822B:

  • The business name
  • The business's old address
  • The business's new address
  • The business's tax identification number
  • The signature of an authorized party

If you do not wish to fill out a form or mail a letter, you can stop into an IRS office in person or call them on the phone to change your address. If you do this, you will need to have certain information ready, so they can verify your identity.

If you update your address through the U.S. Postal Service system, they may change the address according to the National Change of Address database. However, you can't count on the USPS to forward all mail, particularly checks from the government. Therefore, it's still vital that you notify the IRS.

How to Fill Out the Form

IRS Form 8822B must be submitted when any information that you put down on the application for an Employer Identification Number changes. This includes the name, title, and address of the person who is responsible for the administration of the business. The EIN application form, which is IRS Form SS4, also requires the number of owners, how many employees you expect to hire in the future, and the company's starting date. You also need to explain the nature of the business the company will be conducting.

You can download form 882B from the IRS website and print it, then fill it out and mail it to the IRS. Here's how to fill it out:

  • The form has boxes for the items affected by the change in information, such as employment, business location, income, employee plan returns, and other business returns. Check off the ones that apply.
  • Write the name of your business, EIN, and your previous business address.
  • Write your new business address, both mailing address and physical location if they are different.
  • Don't neglect to include suite number, room, or apartment number if applicable.
  • If you have a post office box and do not get mail at your street address, you can add it here.
  • If you are using a foreign address, fill out the postal code according to the country's format. Do not abbreviate the name of the country.
  • If a third party receives your correspondence, use C/O before that individual's name.
  • Include information about changes in ownership, if applicable.
  • Sign the form and enter the date.

The document should be mailed to the appropriate IRS office for your location.

Because you have many important decisions to make related to the administration of your business, such as filing taxes, electing an S corporation status and managing bookkeeping, we recommend that you hire a tax professional, CPA, or an attorney that is familiar with your unique needs.

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