Business Address

Getting a business address is very important for small businesses that want to build a strong image and gain credibility with customers. There are many factors involved in setting up your business’ address.

Why Have a Physical Company Address?

When regarding the actual brick-and-mortar location of companies that are run out of one’s home, the owners usually will face difficulties regarding both safety as well as privacy.

Oftentimes a company owner that runs their business out of their home will question the need to use an actual physical address for their business. The business owner may even think about forgoing even having a brick-and-mortar location, particularly when the business is service-based and operates largely over the internet and phone.

Many small-business owners will utilize a Post Office Box in business publications and correspondence. A P.O. Box permits the owner to have an address for mail but doesn’t have the safety and privacy concerns of using your home address.

However, many people will be wary of companies that do not have a physical address. People might be afraid that businesses with no address, or with just a P.O. Box, can vanish quickly and easily. Having an address allows you to build your credibility as well as trust with customers.

Furthermore, having a brick-and-mortar address listed gives you a stronger professional image. There is still is a common misperception that businesses run out of a person’s home are unorganized and barely functional.

Lastly, getting a physical address will help you if your business model will demand many meetings with customers. You can meet clients at a variety of locations, but meeting them at your own office can be simpler and help you build a strong image and reputation.

How to Get a Business Address

Virtual office spaces and/or addresses are one popular method. Businesses will get a credible mailing address as well as access to a variety of buildings and office services that can be used on an as-needed basis.

You can also choose to use a mailbox service, offered at stores like UPS. You can modify the business address depending on how you would like materials and papers to be sent to you. For companies that frequently use mail services, there are also other benefits as well.

Furthermore, you can also use the United States Postal Service’s “Street Address” service for Post Office Boxes. This service will permit the company to, instead of just using the post office box number as their address, allow the company to use the post office’s street address itself followed by the post office box number.

Another option is to use a co-working office. Similar to virtual office services, you will have access to facilities and services on an as-needed basis as well as a mailing address. Co-working will also provide a physical location, shared with other companies, to use and be based at.

Lastly, you can use the expensive but innovative virtual “EarthClassMail” mailroom. It will give you a physical business address, but they will electronically scan and provide you all the mail that you receive there for easy classification and use. This may be easier than physically handling and storing mail.

Registered Agent Requirements

However, you will require, by law, a brick-and-mortar location if you are creating a LLC, corporation, limited partnership, or LLP. If you form any of these businesses, you will need a registered agent with an address physically located in the state.

  • The registered agent will receive and process legal documents, notices, and papers at the physical address listed and provided to the state.
  • Often a small company, such as a LLC, will have one of their owners be the registered agent. However, because the address is publicly listed, it may compromise your privacy.
  • Furthermore, P.O. Boxes can’t be used for registered agents. The address needs to be physical, as it requires a person to receive and sign for legal notices.
  • If you don’t want to publicly list your personal address for your LLC, you must find a third party to be your company’s registered agent.

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