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Richard E.

Richard Eldredge

403 reviews
Richard Eldredge is a corporate attorney and a professor of law. He has over seven years of experience and is licensed to practice law in Texas. Richard is experienced in patents and business formation, as well as trademark and copyright law. He received his degree in law from the La Verne College of Law. Richard has been a patent attorney and engineer at the Eldrege Law Firm since September 2005.
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Charlton M.

Charlton Messer

75 reviews
Currently an Attorney with his own Law Firm, Charlton Messer provides in-house and General Counsel services for startups, as well as medium-sized businesses. His experience also includes Estate Planning for Business Owners. He can form entities for all types of clients - from LLCs to S-corps to partnerships. In 2014, Charlton graduated from the University of St. Thomas School of Law with his J.D. He has also obtained his B.S.B.A. in Economics from the Oklahoma State University.
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Brandon P.

Brandon Pittard

49 reviews
I've spent the majority of my legal career in house at various companies, and know how to balance legal risk against the needs of a business. As legal counsel at several di... read more
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Erin H.

Erin Hudson

39 reviews
Erin graduated magna cum law from Baylor Law School, clerked for a federal judge, cut her teeth at an AmLaw 200 firm, and spent over a decade representing businesses in com... read more
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Nina Y.

Nina Yablok

28 reviews
Hi and welcome. I've been a business attorney for 46 years, 39 of them in Silicon Valley. I've represented companies in all industries, but my main target now is helping te... read more
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Ken E.

Ken Emanuelson

11 reviews
Over 20 years of experience securing, prosecuting and asserting his clients’ intellectual property rights. Specializing in a wide variety of intellectual property assets... read more
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Aaron W.

Aaron Wilkerson

3 reviews
Aaron is a registered patent attorney that enjoys the challenge of all aspects of intellectual property practice, including patent, trademark, trade secret, domain name and... read more
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Christopher C.

Christopher Cyrus

2 reviews
Christopher Cyrus is a highly-skilled attorney specializing in complex-commercial litigation. He earned his J.D., with honors, from The University of Texas School of Law, w... read more
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Scott D.

Scott Deatherage

Scott Deatherage has practiced law for over 30 years with large law firms and with his own firm for eight years. He has represented private equity firms, technology firms, ... read more
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Cameron S.

Cameron Squires

Experienced General Counsel. Focus on Contract Law-drafting, negotiation, disputes, litigation. Broad range of industries from Franchise Development to Real Estate, to M&am... read more
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How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer in Texas?

On average, Texas attorneys usually come at an hourly rate of $150 to $450 an hour. The exact amount depends on what kind of lawyer you’re looking to hire, as well as the scope of help you need.

How to Find the Best Lawyer in Texas?

Texas lawyers are found through referrals or through local bar associations. However, to find the best lawyer suited to your situation, consider using platforms like UpCounsel, which give you access to qualified attorneys who are specialized in many areas of law.

Need a Lawyer in Texas?

To find a lawyer in Texas, utilize UpCounsel. You can connect with verified attorneys employed in various Texas law firms for legal assistance. Post a job and sort through proposals, resting assured that we offer a money-back guarantee. To get started with your search for the best attorney in Texas, click here.

How Do I Find out if An Attorney Is Licensed in Texas?

When you find an attorney in Texas, you might want to confirm that they’re fully qualified to represent you. To check a lawyer’s status, you can search for them on the State Bar of Texas website or call (800) 204-2222 for assistance regarding the verification of a particular individual. Of course, you’ll still want to use platforms like UpCounsel to parse through a list of Texas attorneys that are available and ready to help you on an ongoing basis.

FAQs about Texas Lawyers

How can I get a free lawyer in Texas?

Nonprofits can provide assistance to Texans who require representation, but can’t afford it. This is available only if you qualify by demonstrating a financial need. The best lawyers in Texas come at a price and give you the best chance at success if you’re able to pay. It’s best to look around for one suited to your budget.

What is the income limit for legal aid in Texas?

For legal aid in Texas, a household’s income must be at least 125% below Federal Poverty Guidelines. This may fluctuate depending on additional economic factors, so it’s best to contact the Texas state bar if you have questions.

How do I find a good lawyer in Texas?

The best law firms in Texas can be found in various ways. Some ask around for recommendations while others look online using search engines and marketplaces for legal services.

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