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What Can A Trademark Lawyer Help You With?

A trademark attorney helps you avoid mistakes in registering trademarks. After all, if you’re running a business, you’ll likely want to protect your brand, which may include any designs, slogans, or identifying markers unique to your company. As a form of intellectual property (IP), trademarks and patents protect your brand and allow you exclusive use to ensure your brand identity remains creative. UpCounsel’s online trademark attorney network can help you find the perfect trademark lawyer,  ensuring you’re remembered by customers, and, in turn, drives sales, making filing trademarks vital to business success.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Trademark Lawyer In The U.S.?

The cost of a trademark attorney can vary, but typically ranges from $200 to $500 on an hourly basis, or $750 to $3,000 as a flat rate. This cost includes services for trademark search and registration.

How To Find The Best Trademark Lawyer

Whether you prefer to hire an affordable trademark attorney or a trademark litigation lawyer with years of experience, to find the best lawyer for your unique situation, it’s best to shop around and make a list of options before making a commitment. After that, it’s recommended to vet each lawyer by searching them on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website to ensure they’re licensed and qualified. Luckily, UpCounsel’s network has a number of top-rated trademark attorneys you can choose from online, all certified, experienced, and ready to help you on an ongoing basis.

Need A Top Trademark Lawyer In Your State?

The best trademark attorneys can be found when you search in the right place and properly verify that they’re best suited to represent your case. Since the process of establishing, maintaining, and defending trademarks can be complex and can require a lot of documentation, it’s highly recommended to get a professional to guide you through the process. UpCounsel is here to help, as we maintain a comprehensive online database of the very best trademark attorneys out there. Whether you need a lawyer for a one-time counsel or want to place an ongoing retainer, we've got what you need. Click here to easily find & compare the top trademark lawyers in your state of city for free.

FAQs About Trademark Lawyers

What Is The Purpose Of A Trademark Attorney?

Trademark attorneys assist you in understanding the legal extent of your trademark rights, and will provide legal advice on how to best enforce them.

Is A Trademark Attorney A Lawyer?

Trademark attorneys are qualified lawyers who advise clients on trademark law, guiding them through the process of filing and maintaining a trademark based on regulations.

What Is The Difference Between A Trademark Agent And An Attorney?

While trademark agents are knowledgeable in trademark prosecution, they’re not legally permitted to attend court to litigate. Meanwhile, trademark attorneys are usually hired to go to court for infringement cases.

Seth W.

Seth Wiener

1212 reviews
As an experienced trial lawyer and litigator, Seth Wiener has resolved numerous federal and state litigations. His cases have included everything from family law to bankruptcy to fraud and more. Before Seth formed his own firm, the Law Office of Seth W. Wiener, he worked for several prominent law offices where he gained a great deal of experience.
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Lauri D.

Lauri Donahue

515 reviews
Lauri Donahue has been practicing law for more than 25 years. She advises high-tech, media, and entertainment companies in the U.S., Israel, and the EU on matters including technology licensing, entertainment law, video game law, anti-piracy, antitrust, IP litigation, and patent monetization. Ms. Donahue also trains and manages multi-shore teams and teaches law in the U.S. and overseas.
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Ross B.

Ross Brandborg

451 reviews
Ross Brandborg is an attorney at law with more than 13 years of experience. He has been licensed to practice law in Minnesota and North Dakota. Ross is also a member of the North Dakota Patent Bar. He has a Juris Doctor degree in law, which he obtained after his graduation from the University of North Dakota. He specializes in trademark and copyright law, as well as in patents. Ross founded his own law firm, Brandborg Law, in 2017.
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Kanika R.

Kanika Radhakrishnan

431 reviews
Kanika is an experienced Patent Attorney and Managing Partner of Evergreen Valley Law Group in Silicon Valley, which serves innovative entrepreneurs with backgrounds in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and computer science. She has filed over 5,000 patent applications in the U.S. and worldwide with a successful track record of obtaining patents for clients.
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Richard E.

Richard Eldredge

404 reviews
Richard Eldredge is a corporate attorney and a professor of law. He has over seven years of experience and is licensed to practice law in Texas. Richard is experienced in patents and business formation, as well as trademark and copyright law. He received his degree in law from the La Verne College of Law. Richard has been a patent attorney and engineer at the Eldrege Law Firm since September 2005.
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Scott S.

Scott Stram

385 reviews
As a member of both the New York and New Jersey Bars, Scott Stram is an accomplished lawyer with experience in a range of legal and business areas. This includes corporate law, data security, compliance, real estate, and intellectual property. Before founding Stram Law, Scott was a compliance officer for a company that performed property audits, a director of a security consulting practice, and an operations officer for Viacom and CBS.
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Neil G.

Neil Gandhi

325 reviews
Neil Ghandhi has 12 years of experience as a corporate attorney. He is licensed to practice law in both New York and New Jersey. Neil received his legal degree from the Fordham University School of Law. Neil is experienced in securities and finances, and often assists startup companies overcome legal obstacles. He has been the chief legal officer at since December 2015, as well as the managing attorney at his own legal office since January 2014.
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Jake S.

Jake Siciliano

250 reviews
Jake graduated from Thomas Jefferson School of Law where he focused on international trademark and corporate law. As of 2022, he has obtained his L.L.M. in Financial Compli... read more
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David Y.

David Yamaguchi

234 reviews
Startups and small businesses sometimes need someone who can deal with complex transactions on an international playing field. David Yamaguchi specializes in content hosting issues and intellectual property. He concentrates his practice in the United States, Asia, India, and Europe. Whether you are a business giant or a startup, Mr. Yamaguchi can provide legal advice that fits your needs.
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Joshua S.

Joshua Soloway

205 reviews
He has experience as an entrepreneur, investment banker, strategic adviser and corporate finance attorney. Joshua is currently a Managing Director of Soloway Group, PC Counselors at Law. His focus is on corporate finance, securities, capital raising and general corporate matters. His legal advice extends to private and public companies. He attended Boston University School of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctorate.
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