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"Logo Trademark Registration & Infringement Assistance"
Houston, TX
"I am in a unique situation where I created this logo and then found another company that recently took our logo and modified it and added their name to the logo. I am looking to register my logo first and then trying to figure out how to approach the other company that is currently using our logo to stop using our logo."
I'd like to trademark...
A brand name
Would you like to trademark a logo as well?
Proposals Received
Average Price
$960 - $1,440
"Trademark Registration Services"
Houston, TX
"I have a logo that works with my name, but I am not sure if I actually have to trademark my name? Or is it possible to just trademark the logo or both together? I am also unclear under the circumstances where I would trademark them both together. Do I have to always use them together or can I separate them for marketing and branding purposes? Please let me know what you think as I would love to get some lawyer advice"
What would you like to trademark?
A brand name
Who will own the trademark?
A company
Proposals Received
Average Price
$960 - $1,440
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Legal Services Offered by Our On-Demand Houston Trademark Attorneys

Our experienced Houston trademark attorneys & lawyers represent individuals and businesses with everything they need to secure and protect their trademarks. Our attorneys can help individuals with everything from trademark clearance searches to determine whether the desired mark is available for adoption, use, and registration. By reviewing the search reports thoroughly, they can conclusively determine the extent to which a mark is already being used and the potential success of filing a trademark.

Trademark licensing can be complex, but our trademark attorneys have experience drafting agreements on behalf of both licensees and trademark owners - thus allowing you to capitalize on your valuable intellectual property. Our Houston trademark attorneys can also draft and file your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including Intent to Use and Use in Commerce applications.

Our attorneys can also help protect your trademark around the globe by assisting clients with filing trademark applications under the Madrid Protocol, which allows trademark holders to obtain protection in multiple countries by filing a single application.

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