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Frederic J.

Frederic Jennings

3 reviews
Frederic is a trial and appellate lawyer who represents clients in criminal and civil CFAA cases across the country. He also handles copyright and trademark matters, corpor... read more
Steven F.

Steven Fairchild

6 reviews
Sometimes a business just needs the occasional helping hand with various legal issues. Steven Fairchild does freelance legal work in the New York area and brings ten years of legal experience to every request. He can help your business with contract review, intellectual property issues, corporate law, and even litigation if necessary. Mr. Fairchild can help foster your business's growth.
Michael J.

Michael Jacobson

3 reviews
Michael Jacobson loves working with small businesses and entrepreneurs. They, like him, have a fire and passion for their work that makes them a pleasure to work with. Mr. Jacobson can provide up and coming businesses with strategic options to meet their legal needs in the areas of operations, formation, employment, contracts, securities, mergers, and tax planning.
Christina D.

Christina Deiasi

3 reviews
Christina is a business lawyer with more than a decade of experience representing major corporations and working at a startup. She previously worked with an international law firm where she litigated complex commercial cases for some of the world’s largest companies and financial institutions. Christina now runs her own firm where she works with entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses.
Carlos G.

Carlos Gutierrez

2 reviews
Carlos Gutierrez is an attorney at law who was recently licensed to practice law in New York. He has a Juris Doctorate degree in law. Carlos has represented numerous corporate clients, including Fresh Media Inc and Futurism. He primarily focuses on dealing with legal cases that involve trademark and copyright law. Carlos is also experienced in drafting, negotiating and reviewing commercial contracts. Since May 2016, Carlos has been serving as a senior counselor at Interpublic Group.
Tara G.

Tara Gampel

2 reviews
Tara Gampel is a corporate attorney with one year of experience. She is licensed to practice law in New York and holds a J.D. in law, which she obtained from the Suffolk University Law School. Tara primarily focuses on dealing with legal cases that involve trademark and copyright law. She is also experienced in providing legal services to start-up companies and dealing with commercial contracts. Tara has been a corporate counselor at Motiva Networks since September 2017.
Galiah H.

Galiah Harel

2 reviews
Galiah is a NY Attorney who specializes in business law, contracts, and collections at an affordable fee. Galiah frequently works with businesses, resolving issues and ... read more
Maribeth L.

Maribeth Lemen

2 reviews
Maribeth graduated from Brooklyn Law School and also has a bachelor's degree in public relations. Her practice areas include mergers and acquisitions, business law and comm... read more
David Y.

David Yedid

2 reviews
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Shelley K.

Shelley Klein

2 reviews
I began my career as a litigator at Paul Weiss, after clerking in Federal Court in Brooklyn (EDNY) for Judge Frederic Block and graduating law school from University of Pen... read more

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Lawyer in Brooklyn?

On average, Brooklyn lawyers charge anywhere between $75 to $510 per hour. The exact cost will vary depending on the type of legal assistance you need; however, the rate should fall within the range. The best and most specialized Brooklyn, NY lawyers tend to charge more.

How to Find the Best Lawyers in Brooklyn, NY?

Most times, Brooklyn lawyers are found through referrals or recommendations. If you don’t have the right connections, the best way to find a lawyer is through a legal service or online marketplace.

Need a Lawyer in Brooklyn?

Brooklyn is a big city, and with so many Brooklyn lawyers to choose from, it’s best to use UpCounsel to find one perfectly suited to your needs. On UpCounsel, you’ll be matched with the top Brooklyn, NY attorneys and lawyers for your case within your specific region. Never worry about wasting your time or your money. UpCounsel lets you post a job offer and then connects you with lawyers who have specialized experience in your area of legal need. Instead of hunting for names at the best law firms in Brooklyn, let UpCounsel assist you. To get started with your search for the top Brooklyn attorneys, click here.

How Many Lawyers Are in Brooklyn?

New York is known as the US state with the most lawyers. According to the Brooklyn Bar, there are over 150 Brooklyn lawyers available to assist you with your case. To narrow your search for the best lawyer for you, use UpCounsel.

FAQs about Brooklyn Lawyers

How can I get a free consultation from a lawyer in NY?

For a free legal consultation, you can call the NY City Bar Justice Center at 212-626-7383. The justice center provides information and advice for lower-income residents. If you visit a law firm, many Brooklyn, NY attorneys and lawyers may give a consultation for free or at a low cost. Not every Brooklyn law firm operates the same way, so it’s important to check the firm’s policy on consultation fees beforehand.

How do I get a pro bono lawyer in NY?

While some New York lawyers and Brooklyn lawyers may take your case on for free, this is not to be expected. You can typically find a pro bono lawyer through a legal aid program. For more information and to see if you qualify for legal aid, contact the New York Bar.

Can you fight a case without a lawyer?

While it’s possible to obtain permission from the court and fight a case without the help of a lawyer, it’s not recommended. Even if you are a legal professional, having a lawyer who isn’t so close to the case can help you to see things you may miss otherwise. To find a lawyer in Brooklyn, use UpCounsel.

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