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Suing a business for injury to recover the costs associated with an injury is possible in certain circumstances. read more
A small business annual report is used to inform the state where your business operates of your company's assets and revenue in a given year. read more
Forming a single member LLC Maryland requires naming your company, filing your formation documents, and paying the required fees. read more
Section 102 A is part of the Internal Revenue Code regarding federal income tax on inheritances and gifts. read more
Removing a shareholder from a corporation is a very involved process. Hopefully, your shareholders agreement will have a procedure for removing a shareholder. read more
Knowing how to patent a website name is important for business owners who want to protect their brand and reduce the chance of others profiting off their name. read more
When deciding between licensing vs manufacturing your invention, there are a lot of aspects to consider depending on your long-term goals. read more

How to Transfer LLC Membership Interest

Free Legal Article3 min read
To understand how to transfer LLC membership interest, individuals must read the requirements provided in the limited liability company's operating agreement. read more

How to Politely Terminate a Contract

Free Legal Article3 min read
If you need to cancel a service contract or consultant agreement, you want to do so as politely as possible, while remaining forceful. read more
Opening a cleaning company in Delaware can be a great choice as there is a multi-billion dollar market for this industry. read more