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How to move a corporation from California to Nevada typically originates from a need to avoid the higher income state taxes in California. read more
The process varies depending on whether you intend to transfer overall ownership or quantities of corporate shares. read more
Understanding how to write a bid for a cleaning contract is crucial if you want to secure profitable cleaning jobs. read more
Want to Inc. a business? This refers to incorporating or forming your business entity as a corporation. read more
When incorporating in NJ, there are steps you must take. It is imperative to be aware of these steps to ensure you have properly registered your business. read more
An incorporation certificate is an important element for any business. Mainly, it allows shareholders to steer clear of personal liability. read more
An interest purchase agreement expresses ownership of a limited liability company and gives you voting and interest in the company. read more
An invention lawyer will help you secure exclusive rights for your invention including helping you file your patent application with the USPTO. read more
An invention proposal example is what an inventor for a potentially patentable product or process would write in order to propose their idea to the company. read more
IP monetization refers to the act of using intellectual property (IP) to generate revenue. read more