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How to Politely Terminate a Contract

Free Legal Article3 min read
If you need to cancel a service contract or consultant agreement, you want to do so as politely as possible, while remaining forceful. read more
Opening a cleaning company in Delaware can be a great choice as there is a multi-billion dollar market for this industry. read more

How to Start a Business in Montana

Free Legal Article3 min read
The process begins with writing a business plan then choosing your entity, registering your business name, filing all the documentation, and finding customers. read more

How to Start a Church in Alabama

Free Legal Article4 min read
If you're wondering how to start a church in Alabama, this article will provide the steps required to successfully navigate the process. read more
When learning how to start a charity in NJ, you first need to register your business as a nonprofit organization. read more

How to Start a Business in Vermont

Free Legal Article3 min read
How to start a business in Vermont starts with creating a detailed business plan and it should include important goals for your business. read more
Jennifer Brandi

Jennifer Brandi
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Attorney at Law
Jennifer is a military spouse with a diverse legal background. Her practice areas include real estate, contracts, and healthcare - with a particular emphasis on landlord/tenant matters and residential leases. ... ... Jennifer's prior experience includes 2 judicial clerkships, 3 years with a large government agency, several years in private practice, and 2 years as a licensed real estate broker. She... read more

How to Trademark Something Yourself

Free Legal Article3 min read
Learning how to trademark something yourself need not be a daunting process once it's broken down into steps. read more

How to Start a Benefit Corporation

Free Legal Article3 min read
You can form a new benefit corporation or convert an existing corporation in any of the states where benefit corporation legislation is in place. read more
For prospective company owners, learning how to purchase a business can often save both time and money. read more