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Minha Javed

Minha Javed
5 reviews

Attorney at Law
Currently working from two locations: Greater Sacramento Area, California and Manhattan, New York. I have worked with families, victims of crimes and domestic violence, outstanding researchers and professors, employers, investors, managers, individual employees, and students to achieve their goals in both immigrant and non-immigrant petitions. I am very detail-oriented, meticulous, and sincere in my work. ... ... I have worked... read more
Kimon Korres

Kimon Korres
52 reviews

Business, Startup and M&A Attorney
From working at leading international law firms to launching multiple businesses, Kimon has practiced at the intersection of business and law for nearly a decade. Having sat in the founder’s seat as CEO to a tech company and co-founder to a real estate investment group, Kimon has hands-on experience strategically balancing legal and operational objectives across the... read more

15 reviews

Business and Branding Lawyer: 'Top-5' USPTO Filer
William Scott Goldman is the founding member of Goldman Law Group, representing creative business clients in all 50 states and worldwide. Mr. Goldman received an LL.M. in Patent and Intellectual Property Law from George Washington University and is licensed to practice before several courts. Having written the book on Branding Law, he is a frequent lecturer, guest speaker, commentator... read more
A Virginia domestic corporation is a business that has chosen to incorporate in the state. read more
Trademark use in commerce is required to establish ownership of a trademark. read more
A trademark class 20 is used for furniture and materials that are related to furnishings, and it can be anything that shows you are the source of the furniture. read more
Suing a business for injury to recover the costs associated with an injury is possible in certain circumstances. read more
A small business annual report is used to inform the state where your business operates of your company's assets and revenue in a given year. read more
Forming a single member LLC Maryland requires naming your company, filing your formation documents, and paying the required fees. read more
Section 102 A is part of the Internal Revenue Code regarding federal income tax on inheritances and gifts. read more