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Answer: Everything You Need to Know

Free Legal Article3 min read
Answer in a civil case is the defendant's written response to the plaintiff's complaint and it can also be a formal response to allegations made in a complaint. read more

Agent, Agency Defined and Explained

Free Legal Article10 min read
An agent performs services for another person under an express or implied agreement and who is subject to the other's control. read more

Admission Defined and Explained

Free Legal Article6 min read
An admission is any statement made by a party to a lawsuit which tends to support the position of the other side or diminish his own position. read more
Check out some of the accounting methods which you can use for your business. read more

The True Story About Life Story Rights

Published on November 6, 2018 by Eric Goldman
Sometimes writers call entertainment lawyers like me and say they need help acquiring life story rights from a person who has fascinated them. I get calls like this all the time; and when I do I usually shock those writers when I tell them the truth about life story rights. read more
The S-Corp tax status is a special tax status. When electing to operate as an S-Corporation, the corporation itself does not pay taxes on its income. read more
If you need to reinstate corporation, there are several steps you must follow such as submitting a reinstatement application to receive active status. read more

Register to Do Business in Tennessee

Free Legal Article3 min read
To register to do business in Tennessee, you need to understand the steps you will need to follow. read more
When conducting business in a state different from the original incorporated state, a business must qualify as a foreign business. read more
Understanding the pros and cons of LLC vs Inc is very important if you want to start a company. read more