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Unfortunately, many officers seem to think the history of police work began the day they first pinned on a badge and strapped on a gunbelt. read more
SSA and IRS maintain employer records by EIN. Reports received with erroneous EINs may be credited to the wrong record. read more
10-12% of the US population suffers from a serious, diagnosable personality disorder which subtly impairs their judgement and overall ability to cope. read more

Child Support - What You Need to Know

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Parents who are supposed to pay child support often cannot, or choose not to for a variety of reasons that are not legally recognized. read more
The antitrust laws of the State of California have many similarities to their federal and other state counterparts but do have some marked differences of note. read more
It's important to keep in mind, as one navigates the shoals of international tax planning, just what the hazards are. read more
Using a little foresight, let's say, you've written a will to distribute your assets to your children after your death and now you're feeling pretty secure. read more
Ryan Carpenter

Ryan Carpenter
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www.carpenterwellington.com, Attorney | General Counsel | Business Advisor
Ryan Carpenter serves as Attorney and Managing Director of Carpenter Wellington, and advises clients across multiple industries, on a range of corporate and commercial transactional matters. ... ... Ryan is also trusted by clients to serve as outside general counsel, advising on transactions and day-to-day operational matters with an eye toward broader business goals. Ryan is known for his business... read more

Auto Dealer Swallowing of Customer

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There is growing evidence of widespread automobile dealer "swallowing," or theft, of consumer down payments, trade-ins, and manufacturer rebates. read more
The American Arbitration Association a public-service, not-for-profit organization, has been the leading advocate of alternative dispute resolution since 1926. read more