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LLC Taxed as S Corp Disadvantages

Free Legal Article3 min read
LLC taxed as S corp disadvantages are under threat from three sources. These include creditors, the government, and those who design the benefits. read more

LLC Organizational Meeting Minutes

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LLC organizational meeting minutes usually reflect any major changes and/or actions within the LLC and will often outline new business plan directives. read more
LLC number of owners depends on the ownership of the LLC. read more
An LLC death of member situation results in passing of their company shares to their beneficiaries where it will be distributed according to the member's will. read more
A limited company structure is a separate legal entity with the authority to run a business and is governed by company law. read more
Is a DBA necessary? A DBA is necessary if you are an unregistered business with the intention of operating under a name other than your legal name. read more

Independent Contractor Compensation

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Independent contractor compensation is different from the process involved for paying a traditional employee. read more
To incorporate a person, the individual must create a separate business entity for his or her sole proprietorship. read more
The importance of corporate law is the establishment of laws that govern how corporations are formed and operated. read more
Are you wondering how to know the date of incorporation of a company? This information is recorded by the state where the company was founded. read more