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Whatever the Federal government does, within its constitutional authority, controls over any State or local action. read more

Invoking the Miranda Right to Counsel

Free Legal Article11 min read
This article reviews the recent court decisions and assesses their potential impact on the ability of custodial suspects to invoke the right to counsel. read more
Once you have decided you need a lawyer, it is a good idea to shop around. read more

How To Fight Your Traffic Ticket?

Free Legal Article9 min read
This is the procedures if followed allows you to get a not guilty verdict but if you need legal help, you should get an attorney. read more

Guidelines for the Expert Witness

Free Legal Article7 min read
The expert witness has special knowledge or skill which may be summoned to court to give an opinion during a trial, based on that person's field of expertise. read more
The present Federal law regulating labor-management relations is largely a product of the New Deal era of the 1930s. read more

Facts About Child Custody and Visitation

Free Legal Article11 min read
When parents separate or divorce, the term "custody" often serves as shorthand for "who gets the children" under the divorce decree or judgment. read more
This article will explain when the rule applies and how it is possible in certain circumstances to discover the opinion of a consulting expert. read more

Discharging Tax Debts In Bankruptcy

Free Legal Article11 min read
In bankruptcy proceedings, the treatment of tax debts attempts to reconcile two conflicting policies. read more

Deed to Secure Debt - Free Legal Form

Free Legal Article9 min read
Check out this deed to secure debt free legal form sample. read more