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Can law firms incorporate? Yes, but the answer to what type of incorporation options are available will vary based on the state. read more
If you're wondering, can I use a PO Box for my business address, you're not the first to ask that question. read more
This is an important question business owners may ask when they have multiple locations in different state jurisdictions. read more
Putting your signature or mark on a document or instrument means you're accepting, approving, or obligating to what's in the document. read more

Can a Nonprofit Have Two Presidents?

Free Legal Article3 min read
The answer is yes, although most nonprofit corporation laws contain a requirement that one person is designated as the president. read more

Can an LLC Have a Nonprofit Subsidiary?

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LLCs are not eligible for tax-exempt, or nonprofit, status because of the tax options owners are given to pass-through revenues. read more
Can a minor be an independent contractor? Yes, there are specific jobs that allow minors to work as an independent contractor. read more

Can a Foreigner Be a Partner In an LLC?

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Can a foreigner be a partner in an LLC? Yes, they can. Owners can also reap the same tax benefits as a sole proprietorship when operating an LLC. read more
A California professional medical corporation consists of medical professionals who want to form a professional corporation (PC). read more
A California name reservation is necessary when taking steps to incorporate your business in California. read more