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Can a minor be an independent contractor? Yes, there are specific jobs that allow minors to work as an independent contractor. read more

Can a Foreigner Be a Partner In an LLC?

Free Legal Article4 min read
Can a foreigner be a partner in an LLC? Yes, they can. Owners can also reap the same tax benefits as a sole proprietorship when operating an LLC. read more
A California professional medical corporation consists of medical professionals who want to form a professional corporation (PC). read more
A California name reservation is necessary when taking steps to incorporate your business in California. read more

Business Plan for Partnership Firm

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A business plan for partnership firm is recommended for anyone entering into a business partnership. read more
A business plan fee is charged when an entrepreneur seeks the help of a professional when starting their business. read more
Keeping track of your business operating account is pertinent to operational success. read more

Business Filings Incorporated Delaware

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Business filings incorporated Delaware can come in many forms such as filing your formation documents, file for a name reservation or submit an annual report. read more
A bookkeeping services contract is a legal agreement that defines the scope of work, terms, and conditions when you hire a professional bookkeeper. read more
Boilerplate legal documents refer to the terms and clauses listed at the end of legal documents (most often, corporate legal documents). read more