A Louisiana Secretary of State business search can help you determine the availability of a business name you'd like to use in Louisiana as well as get detailed information on businesses that are registered in the state. You can use different search criteria to get the information you want.

LLC Name Search in Louisiana

The initial step in creating a limited liability company (LLC) in Louisiana is to search for the business name you want and check if it's available to be used. The name you select for an LLC in Louisiana should be unique. The state has specific requirements for LLC names.

Business owners or aspiring business owners in Louisiana may find it helpful to do a commercial search when trying to choose a name for their LLC. Reasons for looking into certain business filings include:

  • The desire to obtain a Certificate of Good Standing
  • The ability to print out a specific filing history
  • The investigation into the availability of a business name

There's no need to create and sign into an online account to visit the Louisiana Secretary of State website and use this search function.

You can search the information you need by visiting the SOS site and using search criteria such as:

  • Business name
  • Name of agent/officer
  • Trade reservation number/charter number/name reservation number

LLC Name Requirements in Louisiana

There are guidelines you'll have to follow when creating an LLC name in Louisiana. At the end of your desired name, you must include the abbreviations “LLC” or “L.L.C.” You can't include the words “Corporation,” “Incorporated,” or abbreviations of those words in your LLC name because an LLC isn't a corporation. Your LLC name has to be distinct and unique from all other registered business names in the state.

Searching the Louisiana Name Database

  1. Visit the Louisiana Business Filings Search page.
  2. Search your desired LLC name by entering it in the "Name" text box.
  3. Leave off the "LLC" abbreviation and punctuation. Capitalization isn't necessary.
  4. Enter the first one or two words of your LLC name to ensure that similar results show up. For example, if your desired business name is “Orange Grove Farm LLC,” simply enter “Orange Grove.”
  5. To get even more results, only enter the first word of your desired LLC name. For example: if the name you want to use is “Copy Shop Partners LLC,” only input “copy.”
  6. Click “Search” and you'll see a list of existing businesses in the state that match your search metrics.

If you get a notification of "Total Results: 0," it means that the LLC name you want hasn't been used yet and is still available. If you see results that aren't too similar to yours, that means your desired business name is distinct enough for you to use.

If your desired business name shows up in the results the same way you wish to use it, that name isn't available. You'll have to come up with an alternate name or use your creativity to make the name unique. You also can't use a business name that's deceptively similar to an existing LLC name. Again, you'll have to get creative to make the name unique or come up with alternates.

If you're not completely sure that your chosen name is distinguishable, go ahead and file your paperwork with the state. If your desired name isn't available, the state will return your filing and let you know to change the name.

Charter Number/Trade Registration Number/Name Reservation Number Searching

At the the Louisiana Business Filings Search page, enter any one of the following:

  • Trade registration number
  • Charter number
  • Name reservation number

To proceed, click the Search button.

Each number is assigned to a single business, so if you entered the number correctly, you should get results for just one entity. You'll find detailed information about that business, including its filing history.

A quick and easy search will give you plenty of detailed information about registered businesses in Louisiana. It will also provide availability information on your desired LLC name. Performing this simple search now can save you a lot of headaches later.

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