1. Massachusetts LLC Name Requirements
2. Name Availability and Business Entity Search
3. Searching the Massachusetts Name Database: By Name

An LLC search Massachusetts will help you discover if the name you have chosen for your LLC is free to use and is the initial step you should take if you're interested in forming an LLC in this state. If you want the name of your LLC to be approved in Massachusetts, it should abide by all naming requirements in this state and be distinct from other business names.

Massachusetts, like many states, has a simple online search tool that can be used to find an individual business and information about that business. You can also use the state's database to browse for entities based on your desired criteria. Searching the Massachusetts Secretary of State database can be useful whether you need information about a business in this state or are trying to choose a unique name for your limited liability company.

On the search page, you will have multiple search options, including:

  • Entity Name
  • Filing Number
  • Identification Number
  • Individual Name 

Massachusetts LLC Name Requirements

Prior to searching Massachusetts LLC names, it's important to learn some of the requirements for naming limited liability companies in this state:

  1. You are required to use either the “L.L.C” or “LLC” abbreviations in the name of your company. Using “LLC” is the most popular choice.
  2. In Massachusetts, LLCs are not Corporations, which means the name of your company cannot include words such as “Incorporated” or “Corporation,” or abbreviations such as “Inc.” or “Corp.”
  3. The name of your LLC must be easily distinguished from other Massachusetts LLCs, meaning your company name should be wholly unique.

Grammar differences will not make your LLC name unique. 

When you are forming an LLC in Massachusetts, you will usually perform a name availability search, which includes several steps:

  1. You will need to choose a strong, original name for your LLC that adheres to the naming requirements in Massachusetts.
  2. Check to see if your desired name for your LLC is available by using the name availability tool to perform a name search.

While optional, you should also research whether you can use your LLC name to reserve a URL. Securing a URL for your company will make sure that your preferred web address will be unavailable to your competitors. LLCs can also benefit from registering for a professional email address, which can be done using Google Apps. You will also be provided with cloud storage and security tools.

When you perform a business entity search, you can discover important information about a business such as:

  • The good standing of the business.
  • The street address of the business.
  • The registered agent's street address. 

Searching the Massachusetts Name Database: By Name

If you want to search the Massachusetts Name Database, log on to the Corporations Division Business Entity Search page. Find the option labeled “Search by entity name” and submit the name that you have chosen for your LLC in the box labeled “Enter name.”

For the fullest results possible, remember these tips when entering your LLC name:

  • Do not include punctuation or the “LLC” abbreviation.
  • Including capitalization is not necessary.
  • Make sure you've selected “Begins with” under “Search type.”
  • Do not enter the full name of your LLC. Instead, only submit the first two or three words.
  • Only enter a portion of the first word of your LLC name for thorough results.

After your search is complete, you can examine the results. Selecting the option to display 100 items on a page is your best option.

Next, to see a list of business in Massachusetts, you can click “Search Corporations.” If you want more information about a particular business, you would select the name of the business.

You can use your desired LLC name if:

  • You see a message that reads “No records found; try a new search using different criteria.”
  • You see names that are distinguishable from the name you have chosen.

You cannot use your desired LLC name if:

  • The results of your search reveal business names that could easily be confused with your desired name.
  • Your search reveals a business name that is identical to your own.

If you perform your search and still aren't completely sure that your LLC name is free to use, you should go ahead and submit your formation paperwork. If your name is not available, your application will be returned, allowing you to work on choosing a new LLC name.

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