Updated November 2, 2020:

How to Find LLC Information

If you’re wondering how to find LLC information, it means you probably desire to know such details as an LLC’s address, registered agent’s address, legal status, and other information in the public record. Luckily, this information can be easily located with just a few minutes online. By paying a visit to the website of the Secretary of State of the state you are in, you will be able to conduct a business search that yields any public information on any LLC in the state. Such information includes:

  • Origin and legal status of the LLC.
  • Entity formation information.
  • Registration or conversion date.
  • The address, status, and name of the LLC’s registered agent.

In order to conduct this search, you will want to find the Business Search page on your Secretary of State’s website and find the Limited Liability Company/Limited Partnership Name option. After this, you want to enter the entity name or number in the search field and then click “Search.” Then, one or several results should appear, depending on what you searched for (a number search will always yield only one result).

LLC Search Tips

If you search for an LLC by name instead of by number, in most cases a number of search results will appear, and sometimes this will be a very large number. To help narrow your search down and get the most out of it, the following tips may be useful:

  • Do not include any punctuation in your search when the business entity you are searching for has periods, commas, or other punctuation coming after initials.
  • If there are initials in the LLC’s name, group them together, unless the initials have spaces between them. For example, if you are searching for an entity called “R.R.T. Industries,” type “RRT Industries” into the search space.
  • The use of spaces will make a difference in your search results as well. As an example, if you wish to find “R. R. T. Industries,” you should search for “R R T Industries,” not “RRT Industries.”
  • Likewise, the usage or not of plurals will affect what results you get. Searching for “RRT Metal” and “RRT Metals” will not yield the same results.
  • The search will ignore common words and abbreviations like “the,” “corporation,” “limited,” “LTD,” and “INC.”
  • The more words you search with, the more limited your search results will be.
  • Searching with more unique terms will help narrow your results. For instance, “marshmallow” will probably yield fewer results than “managers.” 

The Business Search page should also have a Search Tips page or section in it that will further assist you in refining your search.

Obtaining Copies of Documents, Status Reports, and Certificates

Upon finding the information you want through the search, you may wish to obtain copies of documents, status reports, and certificates pertaining to that information. Examples of such materials include:

  • The Certificate of Status. This certifies the LLC’s current status.
  • The Certificate of Filing of All Documents. This certifies the dates and types of documents (amendments, corrections, mergers, etc.) that were filed.
  • The Certificate of No Record. This certifies that no record exists of the particular business.
  • Formation/registration documents. These pertain to the creation of the LLC in question.
  • Termination documents. These pertain to the dissolution of the LLC in question.
  • Amendment documents. These pertain to changes made to the articles of the LLC in question, including changes in name, address, or business structure.
  • Statements of information. These are also known as annual reports. They contain basic information about the business entity.
  • A status report. This includes such information as:
    • The business’s complete entity name.
    • The business’s filing number.
    • The business’s status.
    • The business’s jurisdiction.
    • The business’s address.
    • The business’s management status (member-managed or manager-managed), if it is an LLC.

To get copies of these documents, status reports, or certificates, you must fill out a Business Entities Records Order Form (an example of which can be seen here) and send it to your Secretary of State’s office. Full information on how to do this, including the necessary fees, can be found on the form.

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