Knowing what is an LLC number can be useful when you'd like to obtain detailed information regarding a specific company in the state of California. If you know the LLC number for a specific business for which you would like to search, you can use that number and avoid having to scan through lengthy search results to find the business in which you're interested.

There are many reasons for looking up an existing limited liability company in the state of California. Some examples may include:

  • Obtaining information regarding the status of an LLC
  • Obtaining more detailed information about the LLC for legal reasons

The easiest way to search for specific company's details is to utilize the California Business Search Tool. This can provide you with information such as:

  • The LLC's formation
  • Registration information
  • Conversion dates
  • LLC status
  • The company's registered address
  • Detailed information about the LLC's registered agent

However, keep in mind that running a business search of this kind will not provide you with the results you need when you wish to check on the availability of your intended company name if you're planning to form a new business in the state of California.

To search for a specific LLC in the state of California, visit the California Secretary of State's website and navigate to the business search page. Next, select the limited liability company / limited partnership name option. If you know the 12-digit entity number for the company you would like to find, you can enter it into the search field. Otherwise, you can search by the company's name. Either way, once you have entered your search parameters, click on the search button.

If you don't know the entity number of the company you'd like to find, you'll need to search by the company's name. For best results, consider these tips when searching by the company's name:

If the name of the company for which you are searching has initials in it, avoid including punctuation of any kind in your search. Instead, group the initials together. If the name of the company for which you're searching, for example, includes the initials, "X.Y.Z.," enter them as "XYZ" when typing the company name into the search field.

If the initials in the company name have initials with punctuation that are followed by spaces, remove the punctuation and keep the spaces in your search. If the company includes the initials, "X. Y. Z.," for example, you should enter them as "X Y Z" when typing the company's name into the search field.

Spaces and plural cases can also have an impact on your search results. If you're looking for a company that includes "X Y Z," for example, and you enter "XYZ," your search will not yield accurate results. In plural cases, if the name of the company for which you are searching includes the word "Services" and you enter "Service" into the search field, you will not receive accurate search results.

The business search page on the California Secretary of State's website also includes additional tips and suggestions for obtaining the best possible results when you run your search. Be sure to review these tips if you run into trouble finding the specific LLC for which you are looking.

Certificates, Copies of Documents, or Status Reports

Once you've obtained the information for which you're looking, it may be necessary to obtain certain documents, such as:

  • Certificates
  • Copies of documents
  • Status reports

You may need to get a copy of a certificate of status, for example, which certifies the status of the company in which you are interested. Or, if you need proof that there is no record of the business for which you are searching, you may need to obtain a certificate of no record.

Other documents you may need to obtain can include certified or uncertified copies of:

Obtaining a status report can be useful when you need to get a hold of specific company information, such as:

  • The complete company name
  • File number
  • Company status
  • Company jurisdiction
  • The company's address

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