Massachusetts' Entity Database

An LLC lookup, MA, is performed when an individual desires to find information about an LLC in the state of Massachusetts. The Secretary of State has a streamlined process for performing this search online. 

Individuals may search for entities by the following:

  • LLC Name
  • Name of an individual associated with the business
  • ID number
  • Filing number

The Massachusetts SOS (Secretary of State) allows individuals to perform entity searches via the LLC database and name reservations. 

If you find the entity you're looking for, you'll be able to view the following information:

  • LLC name
  • Type of organization (LLC, Corp, etc.)
  • ID Number
  • Organization date
  • Formation date
  • Fiscal month and year
  • Main office location
  • Name of Registered Agent 
  • Address for Registered Agent
  • LLC officers.
  • LLC members.
  • Any filed documents with the SOS

You can look up different types of entities, including the following:

In order to perform a search, you must first visit the SOS website for Massachusetts. Then choose which database you would like to search:

  • Corporations Database (where you'll find formed LLCs)
  • Name Reservations (not-yet-formed LLCs)
  • Rejected Filings
  • Corporation Card Files

Then perform the search by entering the LLC name or one of the options previously listed.

The search will return previews of the information you're looking for, like the business name and ID number. If you see what you're looking for, click on the name to view the information available for that entity. 

When choosing a name for your own LLC, you will want to perform a name search. LLC names in the state of Massachusetts have to be completely original (no repeats) and must adhere to name requirements. 

Because there can be no repeats, you'll want to search for your desired name to see if any other LLCs already exist with that name. 

Head to the Massachusetts SOS website and type in your desired LLC name under the search of the Corporations Database. 

If the results return any LLCs with your desired name, you know that the name is not available for use. 

When performing the search follow these tips for the best results:

  • Do not add punctuation.
  • Leave out endings like "Inc." or "LLC."
  • Don't worry about capitalization.
  • Select "Begins with" as the search type.

You'll want to be sure that your desired name is not similar to the names of any existing LLCs, so be sure to perform additional searches using the first one or two words of your name. 

To get a wider range of results, enter the beginning of the first word. For instance, if your desired name is "Breadmaking Masters LLC," perform a search for "bread."

If you find similar names but no exact matches to your desired LLC name, you can file the paperwork to find out for sure if the name is available. 

The Secretary of the Commonwealth will let you know if the desired name is unavailable and will simply ask you to change it.

Search By Individual

If you are looking for information on a particular LLC but aren't sure of the name of the entity, you can perform an individual search. 

Head to the SOS website LLC search page for corporations and choose the option to search by an individual's name. Type in the full name of someone associated with the LLC you are interested in. 

The search results will look the same as if you performed a search by the LLC name. The same information is available for each entity. 

Search By ID or Filing Number

You may also search by the LLC's ID or filing number. On the same search page previously mentioned, choose the box for ID number or filing number next to the search field. Enter the number and click on "search corporations." 

If you've entered a valid number for an existing entity, the results will take you directly to the business's information page. 

Massachusetts LLC Name Requirements

The following requirements must be followed when choosing a name for your LLC in Massachusetts:

  • "LLC" or "L.L.C." must follow the name you choose.
  • Your name may not use the words "Corporation" or "Incorporate" (or their abbreviated forms).
  • The name must be unique from other LLCs in the state

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