Learn more about Creating an LLC

Other words for a Limited Liability Company are “LLC” “L.L.C.” “Ltd. Liability Co.”

Creating a limited liability company begins with filing an article of organization with the secretary of state’s office in whichever state you would like to create your LLC. The form asks basic questions such as what is the name of the LLC and who are its members etc.

The filing fee for creating an LLC is minimal as well, but it is always a good idea to have a business lawyer look over all the details to make sure you are not creating an LLC that will have future problems.

An operating agreement is not necessary to file when creating an LLC, but is a very good idea for legal purposes.

The agreement will set out the rules for ownership and operation of the business, much like a partnership agreement or corporate bylaws. Future lawsuits on the percentages of ownership or on the owners’ rights and responsibilities will not be forced to go by state rule if you have this documentation.

It is highly suggested that you consult with an experienced business attorney about how to create an llc, this way you can ensure you are properly creating an llc in accordance to state and federal laws, while protecting your founding members.

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