Hotel cleaning contracts are a lucrative way to make business in the janitorial services industry. To find clients, you'll need to combine traditional marketing methods with online strategies. Once you have gotten their interest, close the deal with a clear, concise written agreement.

Marketing Strategies

Today's entrepreneurs mix online advertising with traditional networking, print advertising, and word-of-mouth. It's also important to keep the clients you already have.

The first thing you need to do is identify your market. If you want to do work for small motels, don't waste time marketing to larger facilities. If you already have clients, focus on the most lucrative ones and ask them for referrals and testimonials. Find out what your target client needs the most, and use that information to put together a range of services that you can offer in a contract package.

Knowing your clients' needs will also help you distinguish your business from your competition. For example, you could focus on providing an environmentally friendly “green” cleaning service, using supplies that are non-toxic and natural.

Online Marketing

Many customers make their decisions based on information they see online even before they make any contact with a business. Therefore, it is important to develop a strong presence on the internet for marketing purposes. The most vital part of promoting your business is providing information about your business that is trustworthy and current.

Facebook and other social media platforms are useful for reaching out to prospective clients. You could provide articles, news about the industry, videos, and other items your clients might find useful or interesting. If you do not already have a website, now is a good time to set one up. You should consider creating a blog where you can update your clients on your services and prices and answer common questions.

Traditional Marketing Methods

Despite the popularity of online marketing, old-fashioned methods are still effective as well. One of the best ways is asking your existing customers for referrals and testimonials.

Networking is another useful method. Basically, networking means making yourself known in your local business community. Find out which local business organizations your local hotels participate in, whether it's the hotel owner or its management representatives.

The Walk-Through

After you have invested time, effort, and money in marketing your business, the next step is closing the deal. To do so, you will need a walk-through to establish the customer's individual cleaning needs. Without a walk-through, it is impossible for you to offer a quote for the service.

You will need to find out what needs to be done at the hotel, whether it is regular daily cleaning or seasonal deep cleaning. Ask what their budget is, how frequently they will want the work to be done, and any other relevant information that will help you determine a fair price for the work.

Components of a Hotel Cleaning Contract

Your hotel cleaning contract can go by different names, such as a maid service agreement, housekeeping agreement, cleaning services contract, janitorial services contract, or whatever you think is most descriptive of the services to be provided.

The main purposes of this agreement are:

  • Specify the professional relationships of each party.
  • Define the obligations of each party.
  • Manage the expectations of each party.
  • Standardize how your client's cleaning job will be handled now and in the future.

A good hotel cleaning contract can help your business avoid problems that are common in your line of work, such as disputes over the types of cleaning that are expected, the frequency of the service, and how you will be paid by clients.

The contract should include:

  • Basic information about both parties including names, addresses, and contact information.
  • The scope of services to be performed, which should be as detailed and specific as possible.
  • The location of the work to be done — not just the address, but which parts of the customer's property will and won't be cleaned.
  • Your schedule for performing these services, including which times and days you will be working.
  • An itemized list of cleaning duties, broken down by daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally, or other intervals if needed.
  • A list of supplies the customer is expected to provide, if any.
  • A list of supplies that your business will provide, such as stocking paper products.
  • A clause for renewing or terminating the contract.
  • Payment details.
  • A clause detailing how disputes will be resolved.

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