Updated June 28, 2020:

If you want to know how to get cleaning contracts with apartments, follow these steps:

  1. Perfect your services.
  2. Create a compelling profile for your business.
  3. Make your company visible.
  4. Create an online presence.
  5. Draw up a list of potential clients.
  6. Submit solid business proposals to potential clients.
  7. Go above and beyond with your service.

How to Land Commercial Cleaning Contracts With Apartments: First Steps

Your cleaning services need to be as perfect as you can make them. There are numerous options for cleaning services, and your business needs to stand out from the competition.

Work on your service until it's impeccable. See what your competitors are doing, and try to do more. Clients want to know they're getting a great value for their money. It's your job to show them your services are worth the cost.

You need a compelling profile for your business if you want to get commercial cleaning contracts. When potential clients consider various bids for their business, one of the first steps they take is to screen the companies looking to secure a contract with them. You may want to hire an expert to create a strong profile for your cleaning company to showcase what makes you unique.

A compelling profile may highlight the following:

  • Your qualifications and your employees' qualifications
  • Your current customers
  • Past satisfied customers
  • Any awards and commendations your company has received

Marketing and Visibility

You want your commercial cleaning business to be as visible as possible. When clients see your proposal, they'll think about how familiar they are with your company and whether they've ever seen your company name in ads or on billboards.

You must make your business visible to make an impact in your marketplace, and there are numerous ways to go about it, such as the following:

  • Advertise on large billboards.
  • Brand your company vehicles.
  • Rent an office space.
  • Have employee uniforms.
  • Join cleaning associations.
  • Attend stakeholders' meetings.

Today, most people go online when they hear about a company to check it out. They want information like what the business is about, where it's located, and other useful tips.

To land commercial cleaning contracts, you need a strong online presence, and an official website is a good place to start. People generally go online and look for businesses that are nearby. Make sure you have detailed contact and location information on your company website.

Think of who your potential clients will be when taking the next step of showing them what you can do. Draw up a list of any potential customers, such as apartment buildings in your city or county. Think about anyone who needs cleaning services.

Business Proposals and Customer Service

Next, create a solid business proposal and send it to everyone on your list. If your proposal catches someone's eye, it's likely they will call you to come in and do a presentation. Prepare yourself as much as possible beforehand.

With a solid presentation, you increase your chances of securing a contract. Remember: you're actively looking for business. This isn't the time to sit back and wait for apartment managers to call you. After you submit proposals, make follow-up phone calls at regular intervals to remind them of your business.

If you're fortunate enough to secure a commercial cleaning contract with an apartment company, one of the best things you can do to land more jobs is offer to do more. When you can deliver more than you promise, your clients will be very satisfied. They're more likely to refer you to businesses they know. Word-of-mouth can go a long way toward landing more business for you.

Sometimes, landing the first job is the hardest task. Once you secure your first contract, give your best service so that your clients are consistently happy with your work.

Above all, don't sit back and wait for work to come to you. You should actively market your business, but do so wisely. Advertise and make yourself visible in areas that make the most sense for your cleaning company. In time, you may have more than enough contracts to make your business successful.

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