What are Sample Cleaning Contracts?

Sample cleaning contracts can help you to craft a legally binding professional relationship. They can help clarify how the homeowner, office manager, renter, or company will pay the cleaning professional and what services they are expected to offer. This type of contract includes the terms of service and payment, and can be used for independent housekeepers or cleaning companies. Sometimes a cleaning contract is referred to as a housekeeping agreement, a janitorial services contract, or a maid service agreement. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Sample Cleaning Contracts

Are sample cleaning contracts written the same as other contracts?

Yes, sample cleaning contracts are written using the same norms and structures as other contracts. You are forming a business relationship that needs to be protected with a level of specificity and forethought that you see in more complex contracts. However, you can also make these contracts as complex or simple as you are comfortable with. 

How do I outline the terms of the cleaning contract?

The simplest way to outline the contract terms is to describe the areas that will be cleaned and the work that needs to be done. It is important to also include a method of handling disputes with the cleaning company, as this is an important part of making sure that you get the level of service that you expect at each cleaning appointment.

Are there any specific clauses that need to be added to the cleaning contract?

The contract only needs the clauses and terms that you feel are appropriate. That being said, the cleaning company is also bound by a number of local, state, and federal regulations. These regulations cover OSHA requirements, guidelines established by the US Department of Labor, Human Rights, sexual harassment laws, and non-discrimination laws. Essentially, any regulation that other businesses are held to, cleaning businesses are held to as well. 

How can I limit what cleaners do in my office?

You can set specific terms regarding their conduct while in the office. A common clause added to cleaning contracts is the prohibited conduct clause, which sets acceptable limits on specific types of conduct. For example, you can let cleaners clean worker's desks, but prohibit them from moving papers on those desks. Another common example is prohibiting cleaners from bringing visitors and other guests into workspaces. You can set any kind of prohibited actions as you see fit as long as the cleaning company is willing to agree to it. 

Are cleaning company employees covered by my office's insurance policy?

That depends on the policy and the situation. In most cases, they will not be covered. Cleaning companies are required by law to maintain at least the minimum amount of their own insurance that will cover their employees when they are in your office. If the cleaner files a claim, it handled by their company's insurance, not yours. However, a cleaning company employee can file a claim against your insurance if there is a reasonable cause, such as something that you did not repair in your office that leads to a cleaner suffering an injury. As long as there is no negligence on your part, your office will be protected, and the cleaners will have to address their concerns with their employers. 

Steps to Drafting a Cleaning Contract

There are a few steps you should follow when drafting a cleaning contract.

1. Think of what kind of cleaning tasks you expect your cleaning service to complete, including how detailed you want them to clean. 

  • This can be a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service or a single service.
  • Consider how much can realistically be completed in a few hours.
  • Note the exact location of what needs to be cleaned to avoid misunderstandings.

2. When you write your contract, clearly articulate any deadlines, such as the sale of a home.

3. Write up a cleaning contract that includes:

  • Name of cleaning professional and homeowner
  • Payment details
  • Who provides cleaning supplies

4. Outline what will happen in the case of a dispute, such as early termination. 

5. Include the duration of the agreement and when it will end. 

6. Detail the steps that will be taken if property damage occurs.

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