Janitorial Services Contract

A janitorial services contract is a contract between a home or business owner and an individual or company that provides cleaning services. This contract defines conditions of the agreement and is useful for setting up new clients and avoiding performing tasks not outlined in the arrangement.

Why Do I Need a Cleaning Services Agreement?

A cleaning agreement clearly communicates expectations from both parties and can be used to schedule recurring visits or big annual events. It also helps clients communicate the number of services and level of detail for each task. For business owners, it assists in laying out tasks like after-hours trash collection, and if you are a freelance cleaner, a contract can help you manage clients and maintain records. A legal document assures clients of your professionalism and ensures you are legally protected in the event of a dispute.

Benefits of a Janitorial Services Contract

Janitorial services contracts can keep your business organized and profitable. Clear expectations of services and obligations minimize the likelihood of payment issues, keeping your revenue consistent. Contracts are also great at risk management, serving as evidence in a possible lawsuit and keeping insurance premiums down.

6 Things to Include in Your Janitorial Services Contract

Janitorial contracts provide a set of guidelines that make things easier for everyone involved and help to avoid common pitfalls. Your contract should include the following sections:

Basic information

The contract should include the following information about both business and client:

  • Names
  • Addresses
  • Contact information
  • Business license number


The more detailed the scope of services, the easier it is to manage client expectations. Ensuring the contract is clear helps to avoid future lawsuits. Be sure to include the following information:

  • Where the work will be done and what your business will and will not clean
  • The work schedule and length of each cleaning session
  • An itemized list of cleaning duties and frequency of each


This section specifies whether or not your client needs to provide any of the supplies needed for cleaning or restocking of paper goods for businesses. Outline details about restocking, such as notification of low supplies and cost.

Renewal and Termination

While a long-term contract is not for every client, considering renewal and termination clauses is a good idea if:

  • You have month-to-month contracts
  • You allow a 30 day cancellation period

Payment Details

Clearly define how and when payment should occur. Include:

  • Payment amount
  • Due dates
  • Frequency of billing
  • Method of payment

Dispute Resolution

Resolving disputes over services or fulfillment of contract might require a lawyer's help.

How to Write a Winning Janitorial Services Proposal

  1. Tell them why you do what you do — communicate why your company exists.
  2. Show them how you're different; this should be threaded throughout your whole proposal, not just in one spot. If you're unsure of how you're different, ask yourself these questions: Is your turnover rate low because you treat your employees so well? Do you have a unique strategy to ensure quality? Is your technology innovative?
  3. Offer testimonials; more important than what you think about your company is what others think. A good cleaning proposal is sprinkled with social proof: reviews, ratings, opinions, etc. It's important to have a variety of testimonials from existing customers so you can choose from similar clients to the one you're proposing.
  4. Describe the impacts of your services — be specific so that your potential client can picture how your services will benefit them.
  5. Demonstrate your commitment — clearly define what the customer can expect from your cleaning company.
  6. Outline the next steps. This step is less about selling and more about leaving a clear impression and starting off on the right foot. Most important is to outline payment so there will be no surprises later on. Billing at the beginning of the month is a common practice to ensure being able to pay your cleaners in time.

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