1. What is a Delaware LLC Search?
2. Search by Name
3. Search by File Number
4. Name Reservation
5. General Information Name Search

A Delaware LLC Search is most frequently used to investigate the availability of a working title prior to registering your business. As soon as you have registered your business, you will have the ability to use this tool to confirm entry and to analyze the business particulars of any other entity on file with the Secretary of State. The Division of Corporations affords new business candidates the power to search the database by title or by file number.

Search by Name

Step 1 – Go to the Delaware Division of Corporations website. Enter the business name into the Entity Name search field and click on Search.

Step 2 – Your search will now have delivered some results. You can confirm if there are no businesses presently using the name you've searched. If there is an entity with your chosen title, click on the title to view the entity's particulars.

Step 3 – You can access all the knowledge that the Delaware Secretary of State has made available to the general public through your query. You can obtain extra information for a charge of $10 or $20, depending on whether or not you need to assess the standing of the entity or the franchise tax assessment.

Search by File Number

Step 1 – Navigate to Delaware Division of Corporations website and type the file number of the entity you want to analyze into the File Number search field. Click on Search when prompted.

Step 2 – Your search will more than likely produce only one end result. Click on the entity title to view particulars.

Step 3 – You can access all information pertaining to the entity in question that the Secretary of State has offered at no cost. You can obtain extra information for a charge of $10 or $20, depending on whether or not you need to assess the standing of the entity or the franchise tax assessment.

Name Reservation

You will see quite a lot of complicated language about name reservation. However, you are not required to order your LLC identity.

1. Go to the Name Reservation website: https://icis.corp.delaware.gov/Ecorp/NameReserv/NameReservation.aspx

2. Read and agree to the disclaimer.

3. Within the “Entity Kind” drop-down list, choose "Limited Liability Company (LLC)".

4. Within the “Entity Ending” drop-down list, choose your required ending. The ending “LLC” is the most common.

5. Enter your required LLC identity. Don't enter any endings. For example, if your LLC identity is “ABC Widgets LLC”, simply enter “ABC Widgets.”

6. Click on the “Search” button (don't press the “Enter” button on your keyboard; it can take you to the wrong web page).

If the results state, “The identity ‘your identity LLC’ is on the market. The fee for this reservation is $75.00,” then your requested LLC identity is available. You do not have to reserve it now; you can simply click “No” after the “Do you need to reserve this identity?” query.

If the results state, “The name is not available for reservation,“ then your requested LLC identity is unavailable. You will need to think about a new identity.

1. Go to the Basic Data Title Search web page.

2. Enter your required LLC identity within the “Entity Title” field. Do not include the ending “LLC” or any punctuation. Capitalization does not matter.

  • Tip: To be thorough, simply enter the primary phrase of your LLC identity to make sure you see every other entity that might be comparable.
  • Leave the “File Number” field empty.

3. Click on “Search” and browse the listing of current Delaware companies.

  • If your required LLC identity doesn't appear within the search results, it is available for you to use. If your required LLC identity appears within the results precisely as you need it (whatever the entity kind), your chosen LLC identity is not available. You will need to create a new identity. If the names within the search results are deceptively similar to your chosen LLC identity, your preferred name is not available.

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