What is a product description? You likely see product descriptions every day when shopping online. Sites like JCPenney, Kohl's, and Amazon give you additional information about a product that you might be interested in with the product description.

What Is a Well-Written Product Description?

The product description gives you information, such as what the product is and what it does. The goal of the product description is to encourage you to purchase it. The best-selling items often have the most detailed product descriptions. A product description should include information about the product's features, benefits to the buyer, and any problems that it solves.

What Is the Purpose of the Product Description?

The main goal of the product description is to provide interested buyers with additional information about the product. A well-written product description will compel the buyer to purchase now. A product description that does not include necessary information can cause the item to not sell.

How to Write a Product Description That Sells

Many sellers wonder what type of information to include in the product description so that it encourages potential customers to purchase. These tips might assist you in creating an effective product description that sells:

Focus On Your Ideal Buyer

Having too large of a target market can make it difficult to narrow in on the type of information that your buyer is the most interested in. The product description should speak directly to your ideal buyer. Write to your ideal buyer as if you are having a direct conversation with them. Ask questions such as:

  • What type of language do they use?
  • What problems are they attempting to solve?
  • What details of a product are they most interested in?

Entice With Benefits

It is important to include the benefits of the product in a way that interests and engages the potential customer. They are not as interested in the mundane or boring facts about the product.

Avoid Bland Statements

It might be tempting to resort to generic statements. Generic statements make your potential customer say “yeah, yeah.” At this point, you have usually lost their interest and they will not purchase the item. Avoid using bland statements or descriptions like “excellent quality.” Instead, include information that is useful to the potential customer such as technical details and specific uses.

Justify Using Superlatives

It may also be tempting to use superlatives when describing your products. However, unless you also include information to back up these superlative statements, the potential customer is unlikely to believe you. Always include statistics and specific details that back up your superlative comments. It can also be useful to quote a customer that provided a good review of the product. If you have a patent, explain what it means.

Appeal to Your Reader's Imagination

Online shopping does not give buyers the ability to hold and feel items they are interested in. For this reason, your product description should appeal to your reader's imagination. Make the potential buyer imagine holding, or using your product. Additionally, the images and videos that accompany your products should be of high-quality. Help the reader imagine what it is like having your product. You can create visually appealing product descriptions by beginning your sentences with “imagine."

Cut Through Rational Barriers With Mini-Stories

Many customers automatically have their sales barriers activated. Product descriptions can break through these barriers with personal mini-stories. Include important details in your stories like:

  • Who created the product?
  • What was the inspiration behind the creation of the product?
  • What challenges did you face when starting the business?
  • How has the product been tested for quality?

Seduce With Sensory Words

Sensory words can increase sales because they help the potential customer imagine the product. Using sensory words in product descriptions is a popular technique used by restaurants and food manufacturers. Sensory words can help you create product descriptions that are clear and smooth. Think of them as power words.

Tempt With Social Proof

The internet and our ability to connect socially is an incredible selling tool. Encourage buyers that are unsure with social proof. By demonstrating the popularity and positive reviews of your product, you can encourage the potential customer to buy. Use techniques like highlighting the most purchased products in your inventory.

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