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Douglas Shumway Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

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Aric J. Garza Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

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Alice King Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

Rhonda Mills Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

Jeffrey Walsh Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

Gerrit Schulze Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

Joseph Haeggquist Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

Lisa Thorsen Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

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Michael Allers Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

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William Underwood Startup Lawyer for San Antonio, TX

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Why Hire a Startup Lawyer?

Whether you're in the technology, health care, or logistics industries, you need an experienced legal expert behind you. Learn why startup lawyers are essential for any new company poised for growth and how to find the best attorney in San Antonio.

Most startup companies try to limit their costs as much as possible. Legal advice is one area you shouldn't cut your budget, though. When the success of your business relies on complex funding, protecting your intellectual property, and creating solid contracts, you need the best lawyer in San Antonio.

An experienced startup lawyer can help you create a plan to handle legal issues in a proactive way. With this in place, you won't have to scramble to handle legal issues. San Antonio's best startup attorneys specialize in the following focus areas:

  • Business Entity Type: One of the first decisions all startups have to make is choosing a business entity. An experienced attorney can explain the legal and financial benefits of incorporating your company, forming a limited liability company (LLC), or becoming a limited liability partnership (LLP). An attorney can also help with filing paperwork with your Secretary of State.
  • Corporate Structure: If your startup opts to incorporate, you need to create a corporate structure. This means forming a board of directors, selecting corporate officers, and establishing shareholders. A knowledgeable attorney can also advise about holding annual meetings and other governance issues.
  • Contracts and Agreements: Most startups encounter many agreements and contracts during the course of business. Whether you create or sign them, a startup attorney can make sure that they are in your best interest and protect your company. A lawyer can also confirm that your agreements will hold up in court.
  • Employees: Startups deal with several hiring issues that established companies don't have. From non-disclosure agreements to creative compensation plans, an experienced lawyer can help you handle employment contracts and hiring issues.
  • Patents and Trademarks: If your intellectual property (IP) is one of your greatest assets, you may need to register a trademark or file a patent application. The best startup attorneys in San Antonio can advise you about the process, file paperwork on your behalf, and help you protect your IP.

How to Find the Best Startup Attorney in San Antonio

Any startup lawyer you hire in San Antonio must be licensed to work in the state of Texas. To practice law in the state, lawyers must have a J.D. degree from an accredited law school, pass the Texas Bar Exam, and show good moral character and fitness.

In addition, Texas attorneys can pursue legal specialty certifications. Depending on your startup's needs, you may want to search for an attorney with a certification in tax, civil, or labor and employment law.

Once you've narrowed down your choices, make sure that any lawyer you're considering has no ethical issues, malpractice complaints, or grievances on record. You can do this by reading reviews and searching the State Bar of Texas database for official complaints.

Not every highly-qualified lawyer is the right choice for your startup. Before hiring an attorney, take stock of the following:

  • Prior Experience: Not every business-focused lawyer has prior experience with startups. Confirm that your attorney has worked with startups before and understands the many legal issues your company faces.
  • Understanding of Your Industry: Working with an attorney who has general experience with startups may not offer you the expertise you want. Find out how well your lawyer knows your industry and how to approach your legal matters proactively.
  • Communication Style: You may prefer constant updates on important issues or no more communication than necessary. Either way, make sure your attorney can meet your expectations.
  • Available Time: The most successful lawyers stay busy with long-term clients. Anticipate how much time your company will need, and make sure that any lawyer you're considering can fit you into his or her schedule. Know if your lawyer has a team of associates or paralegals to provide extra help when necessary.

Questions for Startup Lawyers

  • Which startup industries do you typically work with? Have you worked with startups in my industry before?
  • What kind of business or startup experience do you have?
  • What is your typical approach to solving legal issues for startups?
  • Is your firm full service? Will your colleagues be able to help with specialized startup issues?
  • Do you have a billing plan or a fee structure for startups? What can we expect to pay on a monthly or yearly basis?
  • Will you be working with my company, or will another member of your firm be the primary communicator with my team?

No matter which stage your startup is at, you can reduce risk by hiring a knowledgeable lawyer. Find the best startup attorney in San Antonio, and make sure your company is on the right track.

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