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Steven S.

Steven Stark

465 reviews
For over 30 years, Steven Stark has offered counsel to non-profit organizations and private companies. He has a passion for helping small businesses in particular since he himself started several businesses of his own in New York and Florida. He understands the importance of small businesses having a reliable attorney to advise them about legal matters from their inception.
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Joshua G.

Joshua Garber

274 reviews
Representing notable clients like Tesla and the City of Los Angeles, Josh Garber excels at helping clients with employment and labor laws. Many of his past clients have had great success using Josh for employment agreements and Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE) hearings. With his practical advice, he has even helped clients avoid going to court.
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Richard G.

Richard Gora

200 reviews
Looking for an attorney with experience? Richard Gora is the exact attorney you want. Having defended over 100 cases both in state and federal courts and working with clients from around the globe, Richard has an array of different experiences. His services are wide-ranging and include business litigation, securities litigations, employment litigation, and business counsel. Prior to founding Gora LLC, he worked for Finn, Dixon & Herling LLP for eight years.
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Scott P.

Scott Pullins

2 reviews
Scott Pullins is an attorney at law who has been serving corporate clients in Ohio for the past 14 years. He holds a Juris Doctor in law, which he received after he graduated from the Capital University Law School. Scott is exceptionally skilled in providing legal assistance to entrepreneurs, startup companies and small businesses. He has represented ProCare, Ohio Coal Association and many other corporate clients.
Autumn M.

Autumn Moody

2 reviews
Autumn Moody is an attorney at law with over one decade's worth of experience. She has been licensed to practice law in California and obtained her legal degree from the California Western School of Law. Autumn primarily specializes in dealing with legal matters that involve labor and employment law. She is also skilled in dealing with commercial contracts. Autumn founded her own legal firm, The Moody Firm, in November 2017.
Victoria R. C.

Victoria R. Clark

2 reviews
Prior to opening her law firm, Victoria clerked in the District of Columbia Superior Court, spending one year on civil matters and another year on felony matters. Prior to ... read more
Michael L.

Michael Lawrence

2 reviews
Litigator turned business lawyer focusing on emerging growth companies of all stages and types. The combination of big law firm litigation followed by five years as a gener... read more
Jason G.

Jason Griffin

A graduate of Capital University Law School, Jason Griffin holds his Juris Doctor degree. He is also the founding partner of The Janus Law Group, focusing on real estate law, criminal law, and family law. Jason has a diverse range of experience, having worked for criminal defense attorneys, the City of Columbus Zoning Department, and as a legal aid intern.
Marcus H.

Marcus Harjani

A graduate of Duke, USF, and Berkeley, Marcus has spent the past decade working at the intersection of law and technology advising growth stage companies, entreprenuers, an... read more
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Why Hire a Startup Lawyer?

Starting a business can be a difficult task. Having an experienced lawyer on your side can prove to be one of the best decisions you can make for your new business. 

If you're thinking about whether or not you need a startup lawyer, consider some of the ways one can help.

  • Negotiate contracts: Whether it's employee contracts, customer contracts, or contracts with your suppliers, having a lawyer who understands all of the legal wording is invaluable. He or she can explain various contracts or help draw up new ones for your company.
  • Register your business: You need to register your business with the Kentucky Secretary of State. It is recommended that you at least speak to a lawyer about the filing required before you attempt to do this on your own. The attorney can also assist you with registering in different counties and states if you plan to do business outside of Louisville.
  • Increase your chances of success: The best startup lawyers can use their past experience of helping other startups to make sure that you and your company don't fall into the same traps that caused others to fail.
  • Help you make more money: Good startup lawyers have years of experience and knowledge of business law. They will be able to tell you about the special tax benefits a C corporation would provide (such as tax breaks on income). Startup lawyers can also provide introductions to venture capitalists and angel investors, which would give you an opportunity to raise more capital.
  • Protect you from liability: If you wait to call a lawyer after you've been sued, it can often be too late. You want to have a lawyer on your side from the very beginning who can help you cover all of your chances of liability to ensure you never get sued in the first place.

How to Find the Best Startup Lawyer in Louisville

When you start a business in Louisville, you want to make sure you hire the best startup lawyer in town. If you have contacts for other small businesses in Louisville, asking them for lawyer recommendations is a good place to start. You can find some local businesses in your industry by getting in touch with Louisville Forward, the city's small business development agency. You can also find more information about lawyers in Louisville from the Kentucky Bar Association or the Louisville Small Business Development Center. Both have listings of lawyers of all types. Once you have plenty of contact information, you need to do some research. Find out as much as you can about the lawyers and the firms they work for.

Then contact the ones that seem the most promising. You should have your short list down to no more than five. Ask if they would like to set up a meeting to discuss working together on your startup business. Their response to a preliminary call is a good way to gauge their interest. When you meet with them, be sure to have all relevant documents and information about your business. You want to give the lawyers a realistic snapshot of your business, and you want them to understand your vision and where you want your company to progress. Be ready to answer questions about what you require from the lawyer and what you're hoping to gain from their services.

Questions for Startup Lawyers

Have several questions ready for the lawyers you interview so that you can be clear about whether or not they are the best startup lawyer for you.

  • Have you worked with startup businesses in my industry before?

While you don't want a lawyer who works directly with your competitors (which could lead to a conflict of interest), you do want a lawyer who has experience working with businesses like yours. If they've never worked with startups before, they may not be able to adequately do all the things you want them to do. You don't want an inexperienced lawyer to be billing you while he or she learns how to work with startups.

  • What are your fees and how will they be billed?

This is a crucially important question. You should not be basing your entire decision on cost, but as a startup, finding a lawyer who understands that you're tight for cash is invaluable. Find out if they offer a billing plan for startups where you can pay in installments. Ask how they will be charging you (hourly or for the type of work being done). Fees are sometimes negotiable, so be sure to ask.

  • Do you have business experience?

Having a lawyer who understands the unique situation of an entrepreneur is invaluable. He or she should understand not only all of the legal and financial challenges that you face, but also the simple stresses of starting your own business.

Though entrepreneurship is central to the American economy, startup businesses need experienced help to overcome the beginning challenges. By carefully researching and choosing the right startup attorney in Louisville for your type of business, you will give yourself a higher chance of success.

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On UpCounsel, you can find and connect with top-rated Louisville startup attorneys & lawyers that provide a range of startup law services for startups and entrepreneurs that are starting a business. Any of the top-rated Louisville startup lawyers you connect with will be available to help with a variety of your startup law related legal needs on-demand or on an ongoing basis in the city of Louisville, KY.

From primarily dealing with things like business formation, contracts, leases, equity financing, securities, and intellectual property protection, the Louisville startup lawyers on UpCounsel can help you with a variety of specialized and general startup law related legal matters. No matter what type of startup law needs you have, you can easily hire an experienced Louisville startup lawyer on UpCounsel to help you today.

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