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Why Hire a Startup Lawyer?

As a new business owner in Buffalo, New York, the last thing you want to worry about is handling complex legal issues. But you will face them since just about every company owner experiences concerns with registering in the state and county in which the business will operate, protecting intellectual property, how to go about hiring employees, and many other legal problems that arise.

If you plan to raise capital from investors, you'll also need to understand the complicated tax laws and regulations around investments. Hiring regulations in the state of New York, as well as those on a federal level, can get confusing and if you hire someone who isn't legally authorized to work in the U.S., you could put your company at risk.

If your startup operates in the tech industry, you may be looking for legal support in filing for patents on your intellectual property. Other legal protections include copyrights and trademarks but understanding which property items fall under which categories is a challenge.

Instead of trying to handle these difficult tasks on your own, it's best to bring in an experienced startup lawyer when you're still early in the startup phase. While it may seem like you can't afford the legal fees, it is well worth the cost to avoid problems that can come when you don't follow the regulations that govern business ownership.

You can find some resources online or through other avenues, but the authors of articles and other resources may not always understand the needs of startup owners or the requirements put on business owners in Buffalo. When you choose a startup lawyer with experience working with startups in the area, you can trust that the legal advice he or she gives to you will be in accordance with local and federal laws.

There are so many things to keep track of when opening a new startup, so it's always a smart idea to hire a trusted legal partner with experience in business law. Your startup lawyer will help you address, avoid, and solve problems efficiently, limiting your legal risk.

How to Find the Best Startup Lawyer

Without the support of an attorney, you will find it much more difficult to determine whether or not to incorporate, how to incorporate, hire new staff money, and work with investors to raise capital. Even just filling out forms to register your business can get confusing, and filling out the wrong forms can delay when you can start operating your company in Buffalo. If you forget a step or miss a form, you'll put your business at risk of legal action from the local or federal government.

If you're looking for the best startup lawyer in Buffalo, the best place to start is online. Read reviews and online profiles to find attorneys that specialize in working with startups and understand business, tax, intellectual property, and employment laws. After you narrow the list down to a few options, schedule consultations to talk to each attorney in person or by phone.

It's important to establish a personal connection and make sure the personality is a good fit with yours. When you work with a startup lawyer, that person will have a hand in a lot of the operational tasks of the business, including on the financial side, so it's crucial to feel comfortable with the attorney so you can open up about concerns and the future of the company.

Make sure to review the New York State Bar Association website to check out the lawyer you are thinking about hiring. This site will help you confirm that the lawyer is registered to practice law in New York and that he or she doesn't have any disciplinary action pending. Every lawyer practicing in Buffalo should be listed on the website, so it's a red flag if your attorney isn't included on the list.

Questions for a Startup Lawyer

  • Have you ever represented other startup companies?
  • How well do you understand business laws in New York?
  • Do you have enough time to take on a new startup client?
  • Will I work with you or another attorney within your law firm?
  • How do you bill for your legal services?
    • Do you require a retainer fee?
    • Do you offer any discounts for new business owners?
  • What is the focus of your legal practice?
  • Do you understand the industry in which my company operates?
  • What is your preferred method of communication?
  • Have you worked with investors to secure funding for startup companies?
  • How long have you been practicing business law in New York?
  • How quickly will you respond if something urgent comes up?

When you hire a leading startup attorney, you can spend your time focusing on growing and improving your business instead of fighting legal battles.

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