1. Renewing Green Card: Everything You Need to Know
2. How Do You Renew a Green Card?
3. What Are the Reasons Green Card Renewals Are Denied?
4. Does Your Permanent Residence Expire When Your Card Does?

Renewing Green Card: Everything You Need to Know

Since renewing a green card is necessary, a person should always be mindful of the expiration date of their green card. An expired card may prevent one from being able to work inside of or travel outside of the United States.

A green card expires every 10 years and the expiration date can be found on the front of a green card (unless it is an older version).

How Do You Renew a Green Card?

A copy of the green card that is expiring or has already expired must be submitted along with Form I-90.

If the applicant is using a different name since they were last issued a green card, proof of the name change must be submitted. A marriage certificate, adoption decree, or court order, are all examples of evidence that can be used.

Forms can be filed online but supporting documents still must be sent to USCIS by mail.

Next, the applicant will receive a letter from USCIS requesting them to go to the local USCIS Application Support Center for biometrics (fingerprinting).

An applicant may be contacted by USCIS for more information, or in some cases, to interview with them before they make a decision. This decision will be sent in writing.

What Are the Reasons Green Card Renewals Are Denied?

Committing a Crime

Some crimes committed are reason for deportation but there is no easy list of these crimes to refer to. In the case of an individual misdemeanor or felony conviction, one should seek advice from an immigration attorney before filing Form I-90 to refresh your green card.

In most cases, an experienced attorney is successful at obtaining a renewed green card for clients that have deportable crimes.

Lying on Renewal Application

The United States Citizen and Immigration Services asks applicants to swear under penalty of law that all of the information in their applications is true, correct, complete, and provided by the applicants themselves.

If an applicant received help from an attorney, friend, or family member when filling out the application, this must be made known.

It is against the law to lie or willfully submit incorrect information on Form I-90 and will be penalized accordingly.

You Were Ordered Removed

If it is ordered by a judge that a person be removed from the United States since securing a permanent resident status, the applicant will likely get their green card renewal denied.

An applicant will also be denied a green card renewal if they signed a stipulated removal order.

Using the Wrong Form

Form I-90 is incorrectly filed every year by many conditional permanent residents. A green card that has been issued for a conditional resident of the U.S lasts for a duration of two years.

Form I-829, Petition by Entrepreneur to Remove Conditions, must be filed by a conditional resident based on a financial investment they have made in a U.S. business. Once the petition is approved, a new permanent resident card valid for 10 years will be sent to the applicant.

Filing Too Early

A renewal form submitted too early will likely be rejected by the USCIS.

Unpaid Taxes

As a U.S. citizen or immigrant working in the United States, one may be legally obligated to file an income tax return. Unpaid taxes most likely won't get a green card renewal denied but it will become problematic.

Does Your Permanent Residence Expire When Your Card Does?

In the past, those who received green cards between 1979 and 1988 did not need to renew, but this has recently changed. Every green card holder is now expected to renew.

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