An MA LLC annual report is one of several documents required to do business in the state. This document and several others are key to keeping your Massachusetts enterprise in good standing.

Annual Reports

All LLCs in Massachusetts must file an annual report with the Corporations Division. This document is due by the anniversary of when you filed the certificate of organization.

The report must list information shared in its certificate of organization. Filing your annual report is required, and failing to do so will affect your LLC's good standing in the state. You can file by mail in Massachusetts for a $500 fee, and you can file online for a $520 fee. It takes 24 to 36 hours to process your annual report.

Check your Certificate of Organization to find the original filing date and determine when you need to submit your annual report. If you don't have a copy of this document, go online to search for your LLC. The information you need should be listed as the Date of Organization in Massachusetts for your enterprise. Businesses that miss the deadline are considered delinquent, and the state dissolves LLCs that fail to file an annual report.

Note that you should receive a reminder when your due date is approaching. Don't count on receiving a reminder every year, however. It's better to find your original filing date and mail your annual report on time each year.

You can submit the annual report online. You just need your customer ID number and PIN, which is listed on the state's reminder. You can also get this information from the Corporations Division via email. Simply submit your business name, and the state will reply within half an hour.

In addition to the annual report, there are a few other documents you may file to help you manage your LLC.

Statement of Change of Resident Agent/Office

LLCs must appoint a registered agent when they set up their companies. If the registered agent changes addresses, you can file a Certificate of Statement of Change of Resident Agent/Resident Office.

You can submit this form by mail along with a $25 filing fee. It's free to fill out and submit this form online.

Statement of Change of Resident Office Address by Resident Agent

You can also change your LLC's address. Simply file a Statement of Change of Resident Office Address. There's also a $25 filing fee for this form if you submit it by mail. Filing online, however, is free.

Statement of Resignation of Resident Agent

File a Statement of Resignation with the Corporations Division if you want to resign from the LLC. Note that you must also submit this form to your LLC. Filing by mail costs $25, but you can change your office address with this form online for free.

Application for Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution

If you dissolve your LLC or the state dissolves the LLC because the members failed to file an annual report, you can file a form to reinstate your business. Submit your Application for Reinstatement Following Administrative Dissolution along with a $100 filing fee to re-establish your business. You must also submit any annual reports you missed.

Restated Certificates

An LLC that makes changes to its certificate of organization, also known as the articles of organization, can submit a restated certificate to make those changes official and replace the old copy. A restated certificate of organization simply restates the rules outlined in the articles of organization. An amended and restated certificate of organization includes changes to the articles of organization.

Regardless of which type of restated certificate you apply for, you'll need to provide:

  • Your LLC's federal identification number
  • Your LLC's name
  • The original certificate of organization's filing date
  • The information included in the original certificate of organization
  • The information included in any amendments to the restated certificate
  • If no amendments will be included, a statement indicating that no changes are being made
  • A statement clarifying that the restatement is duly executed and is being filed appropriately

The rules outlined in the restated certificate go into effect as soon as the form is filed. However, you can also specify a future date when the changes will apply. It costs $100 to file a restated certificate of organization. The restated certificate replaces the initial certificate of organization once approved or upon the indicated date.

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