1. LLC Information: Certificate of Organization
2. LLC Name
3. LLC Information: Amendments

Find my LLC information is of utmost importance when getting a certificate of organization. To have a company that has domestic limited liability, one must file a certificate of organization. Information about an LLC can be found through the Secretary of State website for the state in which the LLC is formed. Online business searches are available to learn more about the businesses formed in each state.

LLC Information: Certificate of Organization

The Certificate of Organization will include:

  • A federal employer identification number
  • The company's name
  • The street address where the office in the Commonwealth will be located
  • The date of disillusion
  • The business address and name of the agent who rendered services to the business and the consent of the agent on the certificate
  • Each manager's name and address, if they differ from the location of the office
  • The business address and name, only if it is different than the location of the office, in reference to anyone besides the manager, who can carry out documents that are to be filed with the Corporations Division, and one or more person if there are no managers

Other registration information can include:

  • The business address and name, if it differs from the location of the office of the people allowed to deliver, execute, record, and acknowledge anything that is kept to record information pertaining to the property's interest
  • Anything else that the authorized people can include

A certification of organization can also state the LLC business's overall character, and whether or not the corporation with limited liability is put together as a professional service, what the service will be, the names and addresses of all members who will work in said service, and a statement the company will follow when it comes to liability insurance, as stated in M.G.L. Chapter 156C, §65. If a professional service is what the LLC is, the certificate of organization should go along with any certificate that is applicable to a regulating board that the members are a part of.

The certificate has to be signed by whoever is forming the LLC. The limited liability company has to be in existence when the certificate of organization is filed with the with the Corporations Division of the SOS (Secretary of State) or a future time noted in the certificate of organization, as long as the company is in compliance with the law.

The cost to file a certificate of registration comes out to $500 in some states.

The certificate of organization for the LLC must:

  • Identify the managers of the company with limited liability.
  • Mention changes in managers when it comes to authorized signatures or the company with limited liability.
  • Any other changes in information which need to be included on the original certificate.

LLC Name

The name of the LLC has to include the words, "limited company," "limited liability," or any of the abbreviations: LC, LLC, L.L.C., or L.C. It can also include the name of the manager or a member. The name cannot be similar to or the same as another company, a partnership with limitations, a company organized as a foreign corporation, including a foreign limited partnership, a company with foreign limited liability in the Commonwealth (unless there is written consent from the company), a limited partnership, or a company with limited liability.

LLC Information: Amendments

The manager or member (when there is no manager) must correct the certificate of the organization when there is false information on it. The organization's certificate can be changed for any reason and at any time.

The certificate of amendment should include:

  • The federal number for employer identification.
  • The limited liability company name.
  • The original certificate's filing date.
  • The business address and name of all the managers, if they differ from the business address.
  • The business address and name of each person that can file documents with the Corporations Division, if there are no managers then one person has to be named.
  • The business address and name of people who can acknowledge, deliver, execute, and record any and all recordable devices that can affect the interest of the business property when it needs to be filed with the land court's district office or registry of deeds.
  • Any changes to the certificate.

The certificate of amendment must be signed by a manager.

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