Florida LLC annual fees are required to keep your Sunbiz LLC in business. This includes the fee required to file your LLC's annual report. This report must be filed with the Florida Department of State for an LLC to maintain an active status. Without paying the fee and filing the necessary forms, the LLC would be fined $400 and/or dissolved, depending on how late it is paid.

Frequently Asked Questions About Florida LLC Annual Fees

Can I file the Annual Report online?

Yes, you can file Annual Reports online at Sunbiz.org which is marked at the top with the banner, “Florida Department of State, Division of Corporations." It is the only authorized website to handle annual report filings. 

How can I pay the annual report filing fee?

You can pay the fee online if you file the annual report online, but you can also pay offline with a check or money order. If you are sending a physical payment, the last day to pay by check is September 15, 2018. The last day to pay by credit card is September 22, 2018.

What is an LLC annual report?

The LLC annual report is filed to update or verify the records that the Florida Department of State — Division of Corporations has for each corporation. The report does not include financial information. Rather, it is just a form that the department uses to make sure that it has the correct information.

Who files the LLC annual report?

Every corporation must file an annual report regardless of the need to change information. It must be filed on time every year, or the corporation can face penalties. 

How can I show that my corporation has filed its annual reports?

To show that your corporation successfully filed its annual reports, you can get a copy of your corporation's Certificate of Status. It will show that your corporation is in good standing, active, and has paid all of its fees up to a certain date. 

How do I get a copy of the Certificate of Status for my corporation?

You can request a copy of your corporation's Certificate of Status when you file your latest annual report. It is not mandatory for you to keep a copy of the certificate though, as it will be on file with the Florida Department of State — Division of Corporations.

Is there a cost to get the Certificate of Status?

Yes, there is a fee depending on the type of company. Corporations and Limited Partnerships can get a copy of the certificate for $8.75, while LLCs can get one for $5. 

How will I know when the annual report must be filed?

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services will remind you 60 days prior to the last possible renewal date. The department will mail a copy of the reminder to the registered agent for the corporation. However, the registered agent should have a physical address rather than a P.O. box listed to ensure that the reminder arrives and is received in a timely manner. 

My business is closing soon or has closed. Do I still need to file the annual report?

If your business has closed or will close a reasonable time before the final report dates, you do not need to file the annual report for the current year. 

Steps to Pay Florida LLC Annual Fees

1. Gather necessary information, including your Federal Employer Identification Number. You will need relevant information related to your business and its members in order to file your paperwork. 

2. Review the list of LLC members and managers. Make necessary updates and changes to the list to make it accurate.

3. Pay the annual fee online by credit card, debit card, or a prepaid Sunbiz eFile account.

  • If you pay the fee before May 1, you will pay $138.75. 
  • If you pay after the May 1 deadline, your LLC will be subjected to a $400 late fee that is payable, even if you did not receive a late notice.
  • If you do not pay the fee by the third Friday in September, your LLC will be dissolved.

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