The LLC annual report WA is the form filed by a Washington LLC with the Washington Secretary of State every year to update its information in the state records.

Once you register an LLC or a limited liability company in the State of Washington, the Washington Secretary of State requires you to update certain information about your LLC on a periodic basis. Every LLC in Washington must update its information each year. This is done by filing an annual report.

In Washington, an LLC must file an annual report on a regular basis throughout its existence. You must update the address of your registered agent in the annual report, and pay a filing fee of $250. The annual report must be filed with the Washington Business Licensing Service.

The intention behind the requirement of filing an annual report is to keep your records updated with the state of Washington since creditors and others are allowed access to your business address. Also, the State uses this information to monitor your LLC's tax filings.

Information Required for an LLC Annual Report Washington

The LLC annual report filed with the Washington Secretary of State must include the following information:

You should keep the above information ready while filing an annual report for your LLC. Even if there is no change in any information provided in the last annual report, you must still file an annual report with the Washington Secretary of State within the due date.

Filing an LLC Annual Report in Washington

  • Where to File: You can file an annual report for your LLC through the website of Washington Business Licensing Service.
  • Online Fee: You must pay a filing fee of $250 for filing an annual report on paper and $300 for filing online.
  • Filing Instructions: You will need the State ID number assigned to your LLC. If you don't have this number handy, you can find it using the business entity search.
  • Filing Deadlines: You must file your first annual report within 120 days of filing the LLC formation papers. Subsequently, you must file an annual report every year before the end of the month in which the LLC was formed.
  • Penalties for Late Filing: Penalty for late filing in Washington is $25. However, the State may even dissolve an LLC if it fails to file its annual report on time.

LLC Annual Filing Requirements in Washington

Annual Report

  • Fee: The filing fee for the first annual report is $10. You must also pay an annual license renewal fee of $59.
  • Forms: You can get an annual report form from the SoS office by calling 360-725-0377. For filing online, you must have your UBI Number, password, and a credit card.
  • Due Date: You must file your license renewal application and annual report before the expiration of your LLC's license or within 30 to 90 days before the expiration date of a yearly license. The initial annual report must be filed within 120 days of filing your articles of organization.

LLC Tax Returns

The state of Washington does not levy any separate income tax at the state level.

The Advantages of Using the Services of a Registered Agent

A registered agent is an individual or a business entity assigned by your company to receive any formal documents or legal communication, on behalf of your company. Appointing a registered agent ensures that your LLC complies with the filing requirements of the state in a timely manner.

The following are the principal advantages of using the services of a registered agent:

  • Avoid Penalties: A Washington LLC can even be dissolved by the State if it fails to file its annual report in time. A registered agent notifies you about the reports that are due, thus saving you from penalties. For an additional fee, your registered agent can also file the reports on your behalf.
  • Flexibility: Since a registered agent sends and receives official documents on behalf of the company, you get more time and flexibility to attend your core business.
  • Privacy: Since the company documents are sent to your registered agent's address, you need not make your personal address public. Even in the unfortunate event of your LLC being sued, the lawsuit is served to the registered agent and not at your company's address.

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