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Joshua K.

Joshua Kushner

30 reviews
Joshua Kushner has over 20 years of experience advising early, growth and enterprise stage companies in emerging industries. Josh brings a unique mix of legal, business, an... read more
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Irina R.

Irina Ribeiro

11 reviews
I assist businesses, families, and individuals in all aspects of U.S. immigration. In business immigration, I represent investors, entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporat... read more
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Roberto (Bobby) E.

Roberto (Bobby) Escobar

5 reviews
Roberto "Bobby" Escobar has been a general counsel, labor and immigration advisor, and an environmental lawyer in Michigan and California. Most recently, he was counsel f... read more
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Jesko O.

Jesko Onken

50 reviews
Licensed in California and Germany, Jesko Onken offers cost-effective legal advice to small and midsize companies. A speaker of German, French, and Italian, Mr. Onken provides services in business law and international legal management. He specializes in entity formation, business contracts, corporate compliance, immigration, licensing, and securities.
Usman S.

Usman Shaikh

28 reviews
Founder and managing attorney of U.S. Law Group, Usman Shaikh is also the executive vice president of business and legal affairs at UG Strategies. Beyond providing corporate, entertainment, and intellectual property transactional services for businesses across a range of sectors, Mr Shaikh shares his insight and experience through publications on the U.S. Law Group News website.
Mina K.

Mina Kalra

25 reviews
Mina Kalra is a business lawyer that has been licensed to practice law in California for the past nine years. She obtained her Juris Doctor in law from the New England Law School in Boston. Mina solely specializes in immigration law. She has represented numerous clients. Since May 2017, Mina has been an employment-based adviser at Berkeley International Office, UC Berkely. Mina has also been a partner at New World Law LLP since January 2017.
Alicia D.

Alicia Dearn

12 reviews
Alicia I. Dearn is an experienced trial lawyer and businesswoman. For twenty years, Ms. Dearn has been a trusted advisor for businesses and individuals alike in the areas o... read more
Tahir F.

Tahir Farukhi

4 reviews
I am a mission-focused Counselor and Legal Strategist. I offer experienced and cross-functional legal advice across leading start-up environments. I have a breadth of kn... read more
Aryan A.

Aryan Amid

2 reviews
Mr. Amid was raised in Los Angeles, and is bilingual in Farsi and English. He studied business economics at California State University of Northridge, and then went to Abra... read more
Donald S.

Donald Smith

2 reviews
I have 5+ years experience working in a boutique employment immigration law firm. I have performed legal research, and prepared petitions and responses for the following ty... read more

Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Roughly 156,000 immigrants live in San Joaquin County, California, and more than 75 percent of them have arrived since 1980. The beautifully diverse population of the county may in part be thanks to the top immigration attorneys in Tracy, California.

If you are an immigrant, or you're hoping to help someone else move to the U.S., it is wise for you to consider one of the best immigration lawyers in the area. Hiring an attorney can:

  • Help you save time and money. Immigration law is extremely complex. If you try to go it on your own, you may have to resubmit documents and filing fees and spend an inordinate amount of time doing research.
  • Increase your chances of success. The federal regulations that govern immigration are strict; between 40 and 60 percent of fiancé visa petitions are denied. Other types of visas similarly do not guarantee success. With the right help, however, your odds increase greatly.

If you are trying to do any of the following, hiring a lawyer would be a wise choice:

  • Figure out which route to a green card is best for your current circumstances. There are many types of visas, and it isn't always obvious which one you should apply for.
  • Change your visa status. Some allow you to stay in the U.S. while you apply for a green card.
  • Renew your visa or get it extended.
  • Apply for citizenship after you have your green card.
  • Mount a defense if you are in danger of being deported. You may be threatened with deportation if you commit a crime or if you overstay your visa.
  • Return to the U.S. after you are deported.
  • File petitions that allow your family members, including your spouse, children, and other relatives, to come to the U.S.

An immigration attorney in Tracy can help you with transactions or litigation. Transactions involve straightforward tasks, such as filing visa petitions. Litigation comes into play when an issue pops up that requires a court hearing.

How to Find the Best Immigration Lawyer in Tracy

The state of California has the 9th highest number of lawyers per capita in the United States, with roughly 42 lawyers per 10,000 residents. Although most of these attorneys do not deal specifically with immigration issues, many of them are qualified to help you. However, you should do thorough research before you settle on a specific lawyer.

Before you even consider an attorney, be sure that they are a member of the California State Bar; membership is a requirement for all lawyers who practice law in the state. California has one of the toughest bar exams in the nation; the state insists on quality.

After you find out whether an attorney belongs to the State Bar:

  • Read lawyer reviews. Online resources, including and other sources, provide peer reviews of lawyers. These reviews are more reliable than those you find on generic sites like Yelp. You can get insight into an attorney's past and discover if any complaints have been filed against them.
  • Seek professional referrals. The San Joaquin County Bar Association has a lawyer referral service to point you in the right direction. You could also turn to the State Bar of California referral service.
  • Seek personal referrals. The high number of immigrants in Tracy and the surrounding area means that there are people within your reach who have experience with the immigration process. If you know someone who used a lawyer, ask them about their experience. Ask about things like the cost and whether they felt a rapport with the lawyer.

There are a few things you need to understand before you hire a Tracy immigration lawyer:

  • How the billing structure works. Are there flat fees for certain services, or is everything according to an hourly rate? Are there any more fees you need to be aware of?
  • Who will take point on your case? Some tasks may be passed off to a paralegal or another lawyer in the firm. If this is the case, ask about this person's credentials and experience.
  • How the lawyer communicates. How often can you expect to receive updates? Does the lawyer speak in a way you can understand?

Questions for Your Immigration Lawyer

  • How many years of immigration experience do you have? What types of cases have you dealt with in the past?
  • Do you think my case will succeed or fail? Why do you think so?
  • If a court hearing is necessary, will you be comfortable representing me?
  • How long do you expect my case to take?
  • What other information should I provide to help you with my case?

Immigration law is a multifaceted entity that requires a high level of expertise to navigate it successfully. For all your questions related to immigration, hire a top lawyer in Tracy, California.

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Legal Services Offered by Our On-Demand Tracy Immigration Attorneys

Our Tracy immigration attorneys & lawyers can help you or your company secure a work visa for business-related matters, such as advising you on obtaining a short-term visa for business trip or a work visa that will allow an employee or executive work within the United States or abroad for an extended period of time.

Some of the types of visas that the Tracy immigration attorneys on UpCounsel have helped clients obtain include: H-1B visas, which is for temporary employment in specialty occupations, O-1 visas, where an individual possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, or athletics, L-1, which is for employees of an international company with offices in both the United States and abroad, E-2 visa, which is for investors, along with several other popular work visas.

Whether you or your company requires advice on obtaining a work visa for an executive, employee, or foreign national in regards to U.S. immigration or matters abroad such as: visitor visas, employee work visas, legal permanent residence (green cards), investor visas, and citizenship - our immigration attorneys can help you throughout the entire process.

If You Need Ongoing Legal Counsel or Ad-hoc Legal Work - We Can Help!

Improve Your Legal ROI with Affordable Immigration Attorneys that service Tracy, CA.

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The holder of an E-2 visa can stay in the United States as long as they run the company listed on their application. Unlike most visas, the E-2 visa has no true expiration date. The holder doesn't have to keep a home in a foreign country, either.

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United States immigration is governed by four ideals:

  • To unify families that have been dispersed.
  • To bring foreign nationals who have skills to contribute to the U.S. economy.
  • To protect refugees and people at risk.
  • To increase diversity.

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There's no limit on the number of L-1B visas given out annually and no minimum wage requirements.

The L-1B visa can be used for an employee to work in the U.S. at an established branch of a foreign company or to establish a new branch of a foreign company.

Eligibility Requirements of an L-1B Visa

There are many requirements that must be met before an employee can be awarded an L-1B visa and work in the U.S. Those requirements are:

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A visa bulletin is a table that shows how long certain groups of people have waited to be approved for a visa. Visa bulletins can also be used to tell if you are eligible to apply for a visa. The U.S. government limits how many immigrants come into the country per year. This applies to both employer-sponsored and family sponsored applicants. These limitations create a backlog.

The Department of State (DOS) releases a visa bulletin every month. The main focus is to describe how many immigrant visas are available. Immigration is tightly regulated. The government caps the number of foreign nationals allowed in the country per year. Every immigrant who wants to live in the U.S. needs their own personal immigrant visa number.



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