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"Terms of Service for Web/Mobile"
San Francisco, CA
"We are a new startup and are looking for legal advice to establish the terms of service for our web and mobile platform. We are looking for Privacy Policies and Terms of Use documents specifically, but may be interested in other legal documents as well."
Do you need to draft new terms or update your existing terms?
Draft new terms
Does your service/products connect with third party applications (e.g. Facebook, Google, LinkedIn)?
Proposals Received
Average Price
$1,200 - $1,800
"Website Agreements for Delivery App"
San Francisco, CA
"We are building a mobile app for on-demand services and looking to compile all the documents to build the company and would like some legal help to make sure all the bases have been covered. We are also looking to develop independent contractor agreements in addition to various legal documents to protect our company."
Will your product have access to any of the following information about your customers?
Personal identity data (email, social security, address, etc.)
Will your product have access to any of the following information about your customers?
Financial information
Proposals Received
Average Price
$1,120 - $1,680
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Why Hire a Contract Lawyer?

When you have a short-term need for legal assistance, hiring a contract lawyer is the perfect solution. Studies show more than half of all law firms use contract attorneys to meet demand during peak periods. They're not the only ones. Contract lawyers are also used in the following businesses:

  • Startup firms
  • Small to medium businesses
  • Government departments
  • Finance companies

In fact, any business needing legal assistance may hire a contract lawyer.

For legal practices, the benefits of contract lawyers are obvious. A practice can bring in a contract lawyer who specializes in a particular area to satisfy a new client, essentially making itself a full-service firm. There are contract lawyers who specialize in a number of legal areas, including:

  • Family law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Environmental protection
  • Asylum seekers and refugees
  • Contracts law

Since contract lawyers are hired for short-term projects, they're often more affordable than keeping an attorney on retainroughlyer. Studies show contract attorneys cost businesses a third of the amount that a permanent hire would cost to do the same work.

Some of the duties a contract lawyer in San Francisco may perform include:

  • Researching legal cases
  • Preparing and reviewing legal documents
  • Advising clients on legal matters

Contract lawyers can also help employees enjoy a better work-life balance. With an extra pair of hands in the office, other workers could cut back on overtime and reduce their stress levels. This is great for business, as it prevents burnout and helps workers stay productive.

Top contract attorneys are also good at what they do. Don't make the mistake of thinking they take contract work because they can't land a full-time legal role. Contractors typically enjoy the flexibility and diversity their jobs provide. Remember, they have earned the same degrees, passed the same bar exams, and obtained the same licensing as any other attorney in San Francisco.

How to Find the Best Contract Lawyer in San Francisco

Make sure the contract lawyer you intend to hire has passed the State Bar of California exam. This is a requirement for licensure in all California cities, including San Francisco. After passing the exam, lawyers have five years to apply for admission to the State Bar of California.

Ensure that the lawyer's licensure is current. All attorneys in California must complete 25 hours of legal education every three years to maintain their license for practicing law.

If you're looking for a contract lawyer who specializes in a particular area of law, look for an attorney with certification in that area through the State Bar of California. The Bar offers certification in:

  • Admiralty and maritime law
  • Appellate law
  • Bankruptcy law
  • Criminal law
  • Estate planning, trust, and probate law
  • Family law
  • Franchise and distribution law
  • Immigration and nationality law
  • Legal malpractice law
  • Taxation law
  • Workers' compensation law

In addition, the State Bar of California recognizes national certification obtained through the following bodies:

  • The American Board of Certification
  • The National Board of Legal Specialty Certification
  • The American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys
  • National Elder Law Foundation
  • National Association of Counsel for Children

While certification isn't required to specialize, it does show the attorney has a real commitment to the chosen area.

If you know other business people who've used contract lawyers, ask them about their experiences. You can also learn what other people think of specific contract lawyers working in San Francisco through online testimonials.

While it's important to know which contract lawyers are performing well, it's also vital to know which contract lawyers may not get results for you. One good way is consulting the State Bar Court of California website. It has a searchable database of all attorneys working in the state, including any public records of discipline. You can order these records, which explain the reasons for any disciplinary action, from the State Bar Court.

Questions for a Contract Lawyer

  • Do you exclusively take contract work?
  • How long have you been taking contract work?
  • What kind of work have you been doing lately?
  • How much experience do you have with the type of work we'll be doing?
  • How would you approach our project?
  • Are there any areas of the project that are outside your comfort zone?
  • How do you normally work? Are you happy to work in our office, at least part time?
  • Do you ever subcontract your work to other lawyers?
  • Can you extend your contract if the project takes longer than we expect?
  • Are you open to working overtime if we need you?
  • Would you be open to taking future assignments with us if this contract goes well?
  • Do you have malpractice insurance?
  • What is your fee structure?

A contract attorney may work for your company for just a few days or a few months. The choice is yours! When you have a short-term need for legal expertise, trust one of San Francisco's best contract lawyers to fill it.

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