A confidentiality agreement for cleaners is a contract made between a cleaning service company and its employee, wherein the contracting employee promises to keep the company's information private or confidential.

Sample Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement for Cleaners

Part I: Confidential Information

1. I understand that XYZ Cleaning Services exclusively owns its confidential information relating to the following items, irrespective of its form of recording:

(i) Name, address, contact number, and other information pertaining to the customers of XYZ Cleaning Services.

(ii) Financial information of XYZ Cleaning Services including sales price, contractual terms, discounts offered, cost incurred, and the names of suppliers, vendors and customers.

(iii) Business methods, strategies, data retention policies and other related information of XYZ Cleaning Services.

(iv) Information pertaining to XYZ Cleaning Services' workers and its human resource management, including selection criteria, recruitment interviews and employee training manuals.

(v) Any information received from a third party which XYZ Cleaning Services is bound to keep confidential.

(vi) All trade secrets, ideas, techniques and processes of XYZ Cleaning Services.

Proprietary Right

2. I understand that proprietary right includes all the confidential information which XYZ Cleaning Services is entitled to protect.


3. I agree that I will not share any confidential information with any person, during or after my employment with XYZ Cleaning Services. I will not use the confidential information in any manner other than that permitted by XYZ Cleaning Services.

4. I shall comply with all precautions and measures taken or formulated by XYZ Cleaning Services for limiting the distribution of its confidential information only for legitimate uses.

5. I shall not make any extracts or copies of, or remove or destroy, any confidential information unless authorized by XYZ Cleaning Services.

6. I agree not to disclose any confidential information related to XYZ Cleaning Services or any of its affiliated organizations that could hamper the image or reputation of the company.

Confidential Information Belonging to Former Employer

7. I shall not disclose or bring any proprietary information belonging to any former employer or anyone else to XYZ Cleaning Services' premises unless I have a written consent of the rightful owner of such proprietary information.

Return the Property of the Employer

8. On termination of my employment or at any time requested by XYZ Cleaning Services, I shall promptly deliver any document, record, electronic data or any other form of confidential information belonging to XYZ Cleaning Services under my control.

Exit Interview

9. On termination of my employment, I shall review the confidential information I have had access to and sign an acknowledgement regarding the same within one week of leaving the employment.

Part II: Non-Solicitation

Non-Solicitation of Clients

1. For a period of 18 months from the date of termination of my employment with XYZ Cleaning Services, I shall not solicit business from the company's existing or potential clients whom I had contacted or served, or about whom I had received any confidential information during my employment. Additionally, within this period of 18 months, I shall not conduct any business that may be deemed to be competitive with that of XYZ Cleaning Services or requires me to perform any functions similar to those performed by me during my employment with XYZ Cleaning Services.

Non-Solicitation of Employees

2. As long as I continue to work with XYZ Cleaning Services and for a period of 15 months after the termination of my employment, I shall not recruit, solicit or induce, in any manner whatsoever, any employee of XYZ Cleaning Services to leave his or her employment with or act against the interests of, XYZ Cleaning Services.

Part III: General Provisions

Necessary Protections

1. I acknowledge that all the restrictions and limitations included in this agreement are reasonable and necessary to protect the legitimate business interests of XYZ Cleaning Services. I understand that breach of any of the terms of this agreement is likely to cause irrevocable harm to the company. If any such breach occurs, I agree that XYZ Cleaning Services shall have the right to enforce specific performance and seek other injunctive, interim or interlocutory relief, without any prejudice to other remedies available at its disposal.

Continuing Obligations

2. I agree that the provisions contained in this agreement shall remain valid and enforceable after the termination of my employment with XYZ Cleaning Services.


3. If any of the provisions of this agreement are deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall continue to remain valid and enforceable.

4. I have obtained the appropriate level of independent legal advice before signing this agreement.

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