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Mark Weiker Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

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Chris Shea Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

Andrew Wecker Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

Joseph Jones Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

Christopher Reel Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

Mike Jones Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

Paul Spitz Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

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Gerri A. Jones Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

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Matthew Montgomery Startup Lawyer for Columbus, OH

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Why Should My Company Hire a Startup Lawyer?

When you're starting a new company, all the details involved from beginning to end may overwhelm you. At the same time, you're probably concerned about expenses. Many new businesses forego hiring an attorney during the early stages of starting the company because they worry that they cost too much. Instead, you should realize that having an attorney on retainer during these initial phases of getting your company off the ground could help you avoid pitfalls and save both money and time due to costly mistakes.

Before long, your new company will expand and grow. A top startup attorney who works with you from the beginning will help you work through challenges that arise.

Governmental regulations – You don't want to accidentally run afoul of the government because you weren't aware of a change in rules or regulations. Not only do you have to consider federal laws, but state and local laws will apply to different aspects of your business as well. A startup attorney will help you understand these legal questions as your company evolves.

Forming a business entity – Your startup attorney will be your resource when you decide how to structure your company. You have many options to consider, and a lawyer can help you decide which one makes the most sense in your particular circumstance. For example, your company might best be incorporated as a limited liability corporation (LLC). In other cases, an S-corporation could be the proper choice.

Hiring employees – When you start to bring in new people to work for your business, you'll want to keep several considerations in mind. During the interview process, some questions can get you in legal trouble or bring about a lawsuit. Once you hire an employee, you might have them sign a contract, and you'll almost certainly need an employee handbook and code of conduct. Your startup attorney will have familiarity with these issues and can help you through the process.

Patent law and intellectual property – Lawyers specialize in patent law and intellectual property rights because the complexities of legal language can be challenging. As you develop new technology, you need to know that a competitor cannot come in and legally steal your knowledge and ideas. Your lawyer will make sure to file patent applications on your behalf and advise you in situations where you could infringe on another piece of intellectual property.

How Do I Find the Best Startup Attorney in Columbus, Ohio?

Start by asking your business contacts to give you a couple of referrals for a top startup attorney. Word-of-mouth is powerful, and if an associate you admire has a trusted lawyer, this is a good starting point. Set up a meeting to see if the attorney is a good fit for your business. Then, notice whether they match up with your communication style. If you prefer to work by phone, do they email you instead? The best startup attorneys will understand how their clients prefer to exchange information.

As you talk with potential attorney hires, you should ask them about their experience with companies like yours. Does the startup attorney have experience with technology that is relevant to your business? You'll want a top lawyer who has worked with clients in your industry. They'll bring invaluable knowledge to your company as you get the business off the ground. 

When deciding which startup attorney to hire in Columbus, Ohio, make sure that you have an understanding of the fees the lawyer will charge you. Some attorneys may surprise you with hidden costs. You'll want to have a candid discussion and ask questions to clarify what you'll be paying. Columbus is a mid-sized city, so you can probably expect to spend $350-$800 per hour, though firms who assign junior attorneys to do the work may be less expensive.

The primary reason you need an attorney is to help your company in cases of conflict resolution, so finding a lawyer who communicates details efficiently and accessibly must be a priority. Sometimes, you may disagree with your attorney on the proper approach to a conflict. If they tell you to go to trial when you feel that settling a case makes the most sense, that may be a red flag. You must ask questions during the hiring process to see how the lawyer has dealt with similar situations for past clients.

Which Questions Do I Ask a Startup Lawyer?

  • Do you have a solid understanding of my industry?
  • Have you worked with startups that are in their early stages of development?
  • Which of your lawyers will be working with my company?
  • How is your fee structure set up?
  • How long have you been practicing this type of law?
  • What is your area of focus?
  • What is your experience?
  • What is your experience with technology?
  • Are you a full-service law firm?
  • Have you passed the bar in the state of Ohio?
  • Has any client registered a complaint against you or your firm?
  • What's your current workload?
  • Have you ever handled a trademark or patent?
  • Can you offer any references?
  • Have you ever handled incorporation in the state of Ohio?

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