Business EIN lookup Florida can help you find information about companies registered in the state. In Florida, the Division of Corporations website records and publishes a detailed set of data about all the companies registered to do business in the state. Each company's Employer Identification Number (EIN) for tax purposes is part of this information.

Fictitious Name EIN Lookup

If you have the company's name, the company's fictitious name, or its DBA, you can search for its EIN on the Division of Corporations website. You can also do the search if the only information you have is the name of a company officer or the company's owner. The website search function has extra options to help you identify a company and its EIN.

From the homepage of the Florida Division of Corporations website, navigate to "Search Records" at the top of the page. This page gives you options for ways to locate the data you need about all of the companies registered to do business in Florida:

  • First, if you know the company's name, you can select "Name" from the search list. Then, just type the business's name into the search box.
  • If you only know the first word in the business's name, you can type that word in. The site will give you a list of companies with names that start with that word.
  • When you only know the DBA for a company, you can choose it by its fictitious name then select that fictitious name or DBA from the list the site gives you.

From there, the Detail by Entity Name web page will come up, and this page has all of that companies registration information including its assigned EIN. The EIN is also called a federal tax ID number. It's a nine-digit number and it's assigned by the IRS to business entities that apply for it.

Purpose of the EIN

This identification number is used to ID businesses and taxpayers for the purpose of filing business tax returns. If if the business gets sold or ownership is transferred, it's necessary to apply for a new EIN. If you hire employees in a new business, you need to get an EIN, and if you want to open a business bank account, especially if your business is an LLC, banks require you to get an EIN.

When It's Required for a Business

There are several situations where a business must file for a tax identification number. It's required if the business:

  • Has employees.
  • Has operated as a corporation, LLC, LLP, LP, or any other business type that operates as an entity.
  • Has an involvement with an organization like an estate trust, a non-profit, real estate mortgage investments, farmers coops, or plan administrators.
  • Has an established Keogh plan.
  • Files employment taxes, excise taxes, tobacco and firearms taxes, or alcohol taxes.

When your business is in the startup phase, you must choose someone as a representative. This person is called the registered agent for your business. Your registered agent must fill out the application for your EIN, and the application should be filed as soon as possible. More information is available on the Florida Department of Revenue website. Business owners can also call 850-488-6800.

Ways to Apply

You can call the IRS to apply for your EIN. The number is 800-829-4933, and the hours you're permitted to call are between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Monday through Friday. Calling is the fastest way to get your EIN. You can also fax in form SS-4 to 859-669-5760. You need to provide a return fax number, though. If you don't, processing your EIN application can take as long as two weeks. You can also send form SS-4 through the mail when you apply for your federal tax ID number.

One last way to apply is by using the IRS website. Using the website gives you a fast response. To register online, you have to input the valid social security number or individual tax ID number for either the general partner, the owner of the business, a grantor, or the business' principal office.

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