Minnesota LLC renewal is a task that LLC owners in the state of Minnesota are required to complete every year to prevent their LLC from being administratively dissolved. In fact, all businesses in the state need to submit the Annual Renewal form every year to the secretary of state. Every business type needs to fill out a different type of Annual Renewal form.

The Details of Minnesota LLC Renewal

Annual Renewals refer to updates to any of the corporate information filed with the state. Some examples of corporate information include the following:

  • Registered agent information
  • Mailing and business addresses
  • Names of members/officers
  • Addresses of members/officers

In most states, this form is referred to as the annual report. However, in Minnesota, this form is referred to as the Annual Renewal.

It is essential that you file the Annual Renewal every year to keep your company in compliance with the requirements of Minnesota and in good standing overall.

You can file the Annual Renewal for your Minnesota LLC online or by mail. When you file the Annual Renewal form online, the process is easier and the processing time is faster.

LLCs that have been shut down for past failure to file an Annual Renewal are required to send money when they file the Annual Renewal form. However, if your company is in good standing, you won't need to send a fee along with the form.

If your limited liability company has been shut down for failing to send in the Annual Renewal form, you can have your company reinstated by paying a filing fee of $25. To pay this fee, you should write a check or prepare a money order payable to Minnesota Secretary of State.

The processing time is four to seven business days if you file the Annual Renewal form and pay the filing fee by mail. You can also deliver the form and pay the fee in person. However, if you submit the form and fee in person, you should expect to be charged an additional $20 fee to expedite the processing.

To confirm that the form has been processed, you can call 651-296-2803 and press the button corresponding to option two between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Ways to File the Minnesota Annual Renewal Form

The processing time is usually immediate if you file the form online. You will need to upload a PDF of the form for Express Filings. Once you fill out the form on your computer, you should save the file as a PDF to your computer. Make sure the size of the file is less than two megabytes. Also, make sure the file name is no longer than 10 characters and remove any special characters, punctuation, or spaces.

If your filing type does not have a PDF, you can upload a document that you made specifically for filing in the PDF format. You can fulfill the legal signature requirement by typing your name at the form's bottom. Type your name in the space usually used for signatures.

You will need to submit the Annual Renewal every year if you have a foreign business, LLC, limited liability partnership, a cooperative, or a non-profit cooperation. The recommended due date is exactly 365 days since the last time you filed the Annual Renewal form. You need to file this form with the Secretary of State of Minnesota.

The Annual Renewal form due date in Minnesota for domestic non-profits, corporations, LLCs, LLPs, PLLCs, LPs, and PCs is December 31.

The filing fee is $135 online or $115 by mail for foreign corporations. The filing fee is $155 online and $135 by mail for domestic and foreign LLPs. 

The first annual renewal form for an LLC is due one year after the LLC was officially formed. For example, if an LLC was approved on March 15, 2017, the first annual renewal for is due by December 31, 2018.

Charities need to file an annual report with the Attorney General of Minnesota by July 15th.

You can file the form in person or by mail with the IRS Form 990 attached. A filing fee of $25 should also be included. There is a $50 late fee if a charity in Minnesota misses the due date. Charities that fail to file this form will be statutorily dissolved.

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