Businesses must send a Utah LLC renewal to the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code (DOC) each year. To renew a company is to file an annual report, which is the state's way of keeping accurate information on file about each business operating in Utah, which includes such details as names and addresses of the LLC's officers and members, registered agent information, business and mailing addresses, and so forth. For many, it is far quicker and more convenient to send the update online, but you can submit the report through the mail or by fax.

The state of Utah requests $15 for filing and applies an additional penalty fine of $10 for any that get submitted late.  It is crucial not to miss the filing deadline. Failure to do so could lead to the state dissolving your limited liability company.

Filing the Business Renewal Is Straightforward

If you want to submit the annual report online, you can do so by visiting the DOC's website. Before the due date for the renewal, a postcard gets mailed out to your registered agent, which provides a renewal ID, the LLC's entity number, and other pertinent information.

Make any changes or updates right on the Division website. Even if you would prefer to mail in the report, you can download the form on the DOC's site too. Once you have filled out your details, send the completed paperwork with the full amount to cover the filing fee. Be sure also to fill out and attach a Registration Information Change form if you are making updates to any of the listing information.

Completing Utah LLC Renewal Online

As long as your company remains in operation, the state requires you to update and submit an annual renewal. You have to pay the filing fee once you have provided the Utah Department of Commerce with any changes. The Division of Corporation and Commercial Code processes and handles all submitted reports.

You must have your LLC renewed within 60 days of your formation date. The DOC mails out a postcard to your registered agent as a reminder. It contains instructions for submitting the renewal online and other information needed for the report.

Do the following steps once your registered agent has provided you with the notice:

  1. Visit the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code homepage and select "Renew a business." You can select this choice from a drop-down list under the "How Do I ..." section.
    The site will navigate you to the page "How to renew a business?" Click on the link for "renew the business entity online," which you will see in the first paragraph on the landing page after getting redirected.
  2. The next page you will get sent to is titled "The Renewal Process." Be sure you check the option to renew online. If the reminder postcard has a direct URL for the "Business Renewal" home page, you can bypass these first few steps.
  3. Now you are ready to begin renewing your business. On the home page, type in your Renewal ID Number and Entity Number in the proper fields.
  4. Enter valid credit card credentials when prompted. The system calculates the filing fee after you have inserted all the details from the notice to the webpage.
  5. Once you authorize the electronic payment, the site will give you a confirmation that the renewal is complete.

You can update or change items listed below for your information record listing (gets entered following Step 3 above):

  • principal business location of LLC
  • names and contacts for each of the company's responsible parties, such as members and the registered agent
  • the intended purpose of business

Important Details About LLC Taxes in Utah

The government recognizes a limited liability company as a pass-through tax entity. It merely means that when federal income taxes are due, those taxes "pass through" the company and land on the laps of its members to render payment. That means that an LLC  by default is not responsible for income taxes. It is only the members who must see that they get paid.  

If an owner chooses a corporation tax identity for the company, he or she must file a separate return strictly for the company itself. Utah is like most other states that have a corporate income tax or the corporation franchise and income tax. Of an LLC's taxable income, the state of Utah calculates a flat 5 percent rate, which is at least $100 for this fee.

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