An Idaho business entity search allows you to find detailed information about registered businesses in the state. This is also helpful for business owners or aspiring business owners who wish to quickly find out if their desired business name is available for them to use.

Business Entity Search in Idaho

At the Idaho Secretary of State website, you can search specific information on business entities registered in the state. You can use several types of search criteria, including:

  • Business name
  • Organizational ID/filing number
  • City
  • Registered agent

To find out if your desired business name is available, search using “name” as your criteria. 

  1. Enter the business name you want information on into the correct field at the Secretary of State Search for Business Entities page
  2. Click “Continue” to proceed to the next page.

A list of names that matches the information you entered will be displayed. If the company name you entered isn't listed, it's most likely available to be used. If a company name is listed, it will be highlighted in blue. Click on the name to get more information about the business.

On the business's information page, you'll find details such as the entity's annual report for each year. This report will be in PDF form. You'll also find any other filing made by that company. Other viewable information includes:

For the business city search, you'll need to enter the city name where the main office of the entity is located. Visit the Secretary of State website. To limit your search as much as possible, try to provide as much information as you can. A list of results will be displayed based on your search metrics.

The results will show the names off all companies that are registered or running within the city you entered. Click on the business name for more detailed information. Under detailed information, you'll see the organizational ID/filing number. You can use that number in a more advanced search if you want.

Searching by the organizational ID and filing number is the most effective way to search. At the Idaho Secretary of State Search for Business Entities page, enter the filing number into the correct field, and then click “Search.” You should only see one result if you've entered the correct number. To view all the details on file, click on the result.

Registered Agent Search

At the Secretary of State site, enter the name of a registered agent. Click “Search.” Any entities that have that registered agent will show up on the list. Click on the business entity you wish to check out. On the next page, you'll find the mailing address for the agent.

You can also search for a business entity using the date of formation for a domestic entity or the date a foreign company received approval to conduct business in the state. To use the date of organization/authorization search, enter the date into the appropriate field at Secretary of State Search for Business Entities page. The result will display all businesses formed on that exact date. To view an entity's detailed filing information, search for the company you'd like to check.

Name Reservation in Idaho

Download and fill out the Application For Reservation of Legal Entity Name. Based on Statute 30-1-402, a person may reserve a business name for a period of up to four  months with the filing of the application and one of the following fees:

  • Typed application: $20.00
  • Non-typed application: $40.00
  • Expedited service: Filing fee plus an additional $20.00

Mail the form and payment to: 

  • Office of the Secretary of State
    450 N. 4th Street
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720-0080

Depending on the specific information you're looking for, you may use different search criteria to narrow your results. Using the resources provided by the Secretary of State is a great way to get important information when forming a business or to get details about existing companies.

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