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David Y.

David Yamaguchi

237 reviews
Startups and small businesses sometimes need someone who can deal with complex transactions on an international playing field. David Yamaguchi specializes in content hosting issues and intellectual property. He concentrates his practice in the United States, Asia, India, and Europe. Whether you are a business giant or a startup, Mr. Yamaguchi can provide legal advice that fits your needs.
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Dean S.

Dean Sage

67 reviews
Dean Sage is an attorney at law with over seven years of experience. He is licensed to practice law in California and obtained his legal degree from the University of Michigan Law School. Dean is experienced in dealing with legal matters related to real estate law, tax law and business formation. He is also skilled in legal research and writing, as well as drafting and negotiating commercial contracts.
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Edward R.

Edward Robinson

35 reviews
Edward Robinson is a patent attorney that mainly works with corporations to help them obtain patent protection for pharmaceutical products, medical devices and related inventions. He is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Edward has over 14 years of experience. He practices law in California and received a J.D in law from the University of San Diego School of Law. Edward has recently jointed Tech Law LLP, but have represented a large number of companies as a corporate counsel.
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Daniel E. G.

Daniel E. Goodrich

21 reviews
Daniel E. Goodrich is a corporate counselor with over six years of experience. He has been licensed to practice law in multiple states, including California and the District of Columbia. Daniel holds a Juris Doctorate degree in law, which he obtained after graduating from the University of San Diego School of Law. Daniel primarily specializes in mergers and acquisitions. He founded his own legal firm, DG Law, in December 2012.
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Troy K.

Troy Krich

21 reviews
Mr. Krich is a practiced civil litigator with experience in business, employment, and construction litigation. In addition, Troy applies a significant portion of his servic... read more
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Michael W.

Michael Wales

12 reviews
Michael graduated from the prestigious Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law in 1991 and was admitted to practice law in Arizona in 1991 and in California in 1993. Michael is ... read more
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Michael P. M.

Michael P. Martin

8 reviews
Mike is a 1993 graduate of the University Michigan Law School (JD) and the University of Michigan Graduate School of Business Administration (MBA) in Ann Arbor, Michigan, a... read more
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Matthew R.

Matthew Rifat

2 reviews
Los Angeles and San Diego partner providing transaction, litigation and regulatory defense to healthcare and other licensed professional clients throughout California and A... read more
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David L.

David Lizerbram

2 reviews
After graduating from the USC School of Cinema-Television and Marshall School of Business, I received my J.D. from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. My firm was founded i... read more
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Alicia D.

Alicia Dearn

12 reviews
Alicia I. Dearn is an experienced trial lawyer and businesswoman. For twenty years, Ms. Dearn has been a trusted advisor for businesses and individuals alike in the areas o... read more
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Why Hire a Contract Lawyer?

You're busy running your business, which means you may not have time to look over all the fine print of a contract before you sign it. Misunderstandings are costly. Furthermore, you may not fully understand all the language in a new contract. To make sure you don't get swindled when you sign on the dotted line, you should hire a contract lawyer to look over any documents before you commit. A contract lawyer is able to help you with the following types of contracts:

  • Partnership agreement. If your business is a limited partnership or a general partnership, you should make sure that the contract between you and your business partner(s) meets your standards.
  • Indemnity agreement. This protects one party from damages that may result from an agreement.
  • Non-disclosure agreement. This is between you and another business or between you and your employees. It keeps your confidential information out of the wrong hands.
  • Property and equipment leases. You need clear information about the terms of a lease as well as any options you have for getting out of a lease early.
  • Sales-related agreements. These may include bills of sale, purchase orders, and security agreements.
  • Employment contracts. You need to have a general employment agreement, an independent contractor agreement, and a non-compete agreement.

Many of these forms are available online for free or for a small fee. However, these generic forms may not conform to California state law. They may need to be adapted for county and city laws, either by adding a clause or adjusting the language in the document. By hiring one of the top San Diego contract attorneys, you protect yourself and your business.

The best lawyers can not only help you decipher the language in a contract, but they also negotiate the terms of new agreements. Because they understand California state law and the basics of business agreements, they are able to present terms that are fair to everyone involved.

Keep in mind that there are two main types of contract attorneys, although some lawyers may fulfill both roles.

  • Transactional attorneys. These lawyers write and review contracts.
  • Litigation attorneys. These are the attorneys you turn to when a breach of contract occurs.

How to Find the Best Contract Lawyer in San Diego

There are over 15,000 attorneys in San Diego. You want the one that is right for your situation.

After you confirm that a San Diego contract lawyer is a member of the bar, there are other things you should consider.

  • The lawyer's area of expertise. Some attorneys have a well-rounded understanding of most types of business contracts. However, if the contract in front of you deals specifically with issues in your industry, you may want to look for someone who has more specialized knowledge. Read a lawyer's biography to learn about what types of cases they've dealt with in the past.
  • Reviews of the lawyer. has a reputation for providing trustworthy attorney reviews, but there are also local lawyer referral services that you can turn to. The San Diego Bar Association and the North County Bar Association are two good places to get attorney referrals.

Personal referrals from colleagues are another valuable source of information. Ask your fellow businesspeople which lawyers they have used in the past, and dig for details about their experience. Were they comfortable with the lawyer? Did the attorney demonstrate competence and communicate well?

Before you commit to a specific contract lawyer in San Diego, be sure that:

  • You understand how the billing process works. There may be a flat fee for reviewing and writing certain types of contracts, or you might have to pay an hourly rate for contract negotiation.
  • You know who will be working with you. The lawyer may pass off some tasks to a paralegal or to other lawyers in the firm. If that will happen with your contract, ask about the credentials of the person who will be helping you most directly.
  • You're comfortable with the attorney. You don't want someone who talks over your head about complex contract terms.

Questions for Your Contract Lawyer

  • How much experience do you have with contracts and contract litigation? What are your specific areas of expertise?
  • How much will you charge me? Are there any fees in addition to your hourly rate?
  • Do you need any more information to properly review my contract?
  • Are you going to do a high-level review or an in-depth analysis of the contract?
  • What are some common concerns associated with this type of contract?
  • How long can I expect the contract review process to take?

Hiring a contract attorney is a vital step if you want to protect your San Diego business. Use the resources available to you to find a legal representative qualified to help you in your situation.

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Our independent contract attorneys are available on-demand to provide contract legal services for businesses or to support your in-house general counsel to help lighten the load for transactional matters or litigation support.

Although the work of the San Diego contract attorneys found on UpCounsel often varies. They are highly experienced in legal contract activities such as commercial contract negotiations, document review in response to document subpoenas, request for production of documents, legal research, draft legal briefs, along with providing a full range of other contract legal services to businesses of any size.

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