Business Proposal

A business proposal outlines the services you offer and explains why you are the best vendor to complete a specific job or project. Business proposals are often used to help businesses get new projects and clients.

[Organization Name]

[Proposal Date]

Business Proposal

[Project Name]


Table of Contents

I.   Summary … [page]

II.  Introduction … [page]

III. Problems … [page]

IV.  Objectives  … [page]

V.   Agreement … [page]

a.  Scope of Work … [page]

b.  Timetable … [page]

c.  Budget … [page]

d.  Key Personnel … [page]

e.  Evaluation … [page]

f.  Terms and Conditions … [page]

VI.     Signature … [page]


I. Summary

[In this section, provide a general summary of the proposal. This should describe all of the basic information a reader would need to understand the general idea of the proposal. Try not to exceed one page as you include the following information:

  • Identification and short summary of your organization.

  • Purpose and intended results of the proposal.

  • Total budget.]


II. Introduction

[Provide a more in-depth introduction to your organization. Include information such as:

  • Organization name.

  • Organization founding date.

  • Mission statement.

  • Short description of activities and typical business.]


III. Problems

[List the relevant problems and issues your organization has identified. Include statistical information and other specifics if possible. List the following:

  • How long problems have existed.

  • Prior attempts to address the issue and their outcomes.

  • Overall impact of problem for target audience and related audiences.]


IV. Objectives

[List your goals, ensuring that they are measurable. Explain how each objective will help solve the problems listed above.]


V. Agreement and Terms

This Business Proposal Contract (the "Contract") states the terms and conditions that govern the contractual agreement between [Company], having its principal place of business at [Company Address] (the "Company"), and [Contractor] (the "Contractor") who agrees to be bound by this Contract.

WHEREAS, the Company is planning to conduct [Project], [Project Description] (the "Project"); and

WHEREAS, the Contractor agrees to manage the Project according to the terms and conditions herein.

NOW, THEREFORE, In consideration of the mutual covenants and promises made by the parties within this Contract, the Company and the Contractor (individually, each a "Party" and collectively, the "Parties") covenant and agree as follows:

a. Scope of Work

The Contractor and the Company agree and acknowledge that the Parties shall perform all Project duties as described here:

[Specify how you intend to meet the objectives listed above. Explain processes and activities, such as recruiting and testing.]

b. Timetable

The term of this Contract shall last from [Start Date] to the satisfactory completion of the Project, as determined solely by the Company.

The Parties agree and acknowledge that the Contractor shall bear all expenses that the Company does not agree to cover in writing. The Contractor may present receipts and invoices to receive reimbursement from the Company for additional expenses.

[Provide a detailed timetable of when you will carry out the work listed above. Divide the project into phases, and provide start and end dates for each.]

c. Budget

The Company agrees to pay the Contractor [Amount] for duties described above. Payments will be made according to the following schedule:

[Describe the cost for each phase of the project. Indicate the date on which payment is due for each phase, including partial payments.]

d. Key Personnel

[List each person who will have primary responsibility for completing the project. Include personnel such as the client, the project manager, and key teams.]

e. Evaluation

[Describe how you will measure progress toward the goals you have established. Include the following information:

  • List of anticipated results.

  • Description of how and when to monitor progress.

  • Methods you will use to gauge progress.]

f. Terms and Conditions

The Parties acknowledge that this is a Work for Hire and agree that the Company will retain all intellectual property rights to the Project deliverablesThe Contractor agrees not to claim any such ownership in such intellectual property at any time prior to or after the completion of the Project.

No modification of this Contract shall be valid unless in writing and agreed upon by both Parties.

This Contract and the interpretation of its terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of [State] and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the federal and state courts located in [Country], [State].


VI. Signature

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, each of the Parties has executed this Contract, both Parties by its duly authorized officer, as of the day and year set forth below.




_________________________________    ______________

Name Date




_________________________________    ______________

Name                                                        Date


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