Updated July 27, 2020: 

A Wyoming annual report must be filed with the Secretary of State by all domestic or foreign corporations and LLCs that are registered with Wyoming. These reports help the government maintain accurate records about which businesses are active and generate revenue.

Wyoming Annual Report: Overview

Your corporation or LLC must file an annual report every year on or before the due date even if the business hasn't generated any income. You can submit the report through the mail or online. Paying the fee and filing the form online is easier for most people.

The Costs for Filing the Wyoming Annual Report

Most businesses must pay an annual report fee, also called a license tax. Businesses with less than $250,000 of assets in Wyoming usually pay a $50 minimum fee. Companies with more than $250,000 in assets should pay $0.0002 in taxes for every dollar of assets. For example, a business with $300,000 in assets would pay $60 for the annual report fee. For nonprofits, the cost is $25. It's $100 for Wyoming Statutory Trusts.

How Early Can You File an Annual Report?

You can file up to one year in advance. For example, you can file and pay your 2018 Annual Report in 2017.

Wyoming's online filing system records which annual reports have been filed and paid and which upcoming ones can be submitted. People can turn their reports in up to a year before the deadline.

Email Reminders

Wyoming sends email reminders to help people remember to file their annual reports:

  • 60 days before the due date
  • 30 days in advance
  • 10 days before the deadline

You can sign up for these reminders by adding your email address to the state's mailing list

Annual Report Requirements 

Nonprofits should file an annual report and pay the fee every year by the first day of the month they formed. Domestic and foreign Wyoming businesses and nonprofits can submit their report online or print a paper form and mail it to the Secretary of State. You'll need a Filing ID number, and you can search for it by visiting the Secretary of State website.

Does Wyoming Require an Initial Report?

Unlike many other states, there's no need for an initial report when you start a business in Wyoming.

When Are Annual Reports Due?

Wyoming statutory trusts should turn in their annual reports every year by January 1st. Nonprofits and other businesses must file yearly by the first day of the month they started. However, charities don't have any filing requirements.

The Penalty for a Delinquent Annual Report

Wyoming does not add a delinquent penalty, but the Secretary of State will send you a delinquency notice. You have 60 days from the date on the notice to submit the annual report and pay all taxes and fees. There's also a $50 reinstatement fee. Foreign companies should apply for a new certificate of authority to get permission to do business in Wyoming again. If a business operates in the state without the proper authority, there's a $5000 penalty.

Who Can File Wyoming Annual Reports?

Anyone can file an annual report.

Are Original Signatures Needed?

You only need to include original signatures if you print and mail the form.

How to Complete and File the Wyoming LLC Annual Report Online

If you don't finish filing your company's annual report online within 30 minutes, the session will expire and you'll need to start over. Go to the Online Annual Report page and follow these steps:

  1. Click on the annual report logo or the red link to the right of the page that says "File or Print Your Annual Report Now".
  2. Enter your Filing ID in the search box and click Next.
  3. Make sure all the information about your business is correct. If you add email addresses, separate them with a semicolon like [email protected]; [email protected].
  4. Click Next again, and then list the total value of your organization's Wyoming assets.
  5. Click on Calculate to see the amount due for the annual report fee. If your company has no assets in Wyoming, there are no filing fees. If the cost is over $500, mail the report and payment instead of submitting it online.
  6. To file online, click Continue, check the box to agree to the terms, and click on Start Payment Process to enter your credit or debit card number.

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