The Wisconsin LLC lookup is a search database provided by the Secretary of State. You can use this search to see if the preferred name of your limited liability company (LLC) is taken by another Wisconsin business. This tool allows users to find the details of any cooperative, limited partnership, limited liability partnership, or corporation registered with the state. Businesses can also use it to submit their annual reports, file registered agent and office update forms, or obtain a Certificate of Status. 

A business entity search can tell you the following details about a business:

Search by Name

Searching by the organization name is the most common method of finding an LLC. You can also search by registered agent or check the availability of a name. Checking name availability can help you choose the right name for your Wisconsin LLC

Enter the name you plan to use; then click "Search Records." Use additional keywords that will return similarly named businesses. You'll receive a list of all businesses that match the terms you entered in alphabetical order. Each listing includes:

  • The company's identification number
  • Type of business entity
  • The date it was formed
  • The date the information was last updated. 

Click on the name to learn more information about that business. You'll receive all the information published by the Department of Financial Institutions. This includes:

  • Annual reports
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • The company's legal status. 

On your company's page, you can request a Certificate of Status, file your annual report, and update your company's information

Search for Name Availability

After you do a name availability search and confirm the name you want is available, make sure the name is available as a URL. Purchase the domain so you'll be able to use it when you're ready to make a website. You'll also need a professional email address, such as [email protected]. You can set this up through a company such as Google apps, which also provides business tools, security, and cloud storage.

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