Updated May 4, 2022:

Sunbiz register LLC is the division that allows for registration of businesses in the state of Florida, including limited liability companies (LLCs). See also our Sunbiz LLC page.

Limited Liability Company Forms and Fees

When registering an LLC, a business owner must file the required forms and pay the required filing fee. Payment options for an LLC include checks, money orders, credit cards, and prepaid Sunbiz e-file accounts. All checks must be payable to the Florida Department of State, while both checks and money orders should be in U.S. dollars and drawn from a bank in the United States.

The processing time for LLCs that file online is 2-3 business days, while the time increases to 3-5 days or more during peak processing times for LLCs that file by mail.

When you're starting an LLC in the state of Florida, you will need some important forms and documents:

Other important forms for an LLC include those used for abandonment:

Should you need to convert your LLC into another business entity type, you will use these conversion forms:

An important form for merging your LLC with another business is the Certificate of Merger for Florida LLC.

When you need to make a specific statement regarding the status of or changes to your LLC, use these statement forms:

If you need to view the Florida statute reference booklet, check out the details found in the Florida Limited Liability Company Act, found in Chapter 605, F.S.

Owners of foreign LLCs will need to use different forms:

How to Register LLC in Florida

Forming an LLC is a good way to save on taxes and protect your personal assets. Some of the advantages of this business formation include:

  • Structural ownership flexibility, with the option to have a single owner, called a member, or multiple members
  • An unlimited number of members can own an LLC
  • LLC members aren't required to record minutes or hold annual meetings
  • No double taxation – members report business losses and profits on their personal tax returns

Many businesses would benefit from the advantages of formation as an LLC, regardless of the size of the business or the number of members who would own it. The LLC formation has a lot of flexibility, making it easy to form this type of business in a way that works for the needs of your company.

Before you make the decision to establish an LLC in the state of Florida, it's important to understand the basics of this business structure to determine if it would be a good fit for your business. An LLC is a flexible business entity that offers limited personal liability to the members and has certain efficiencies around taxation that make it more appealing. The members of an LLC can include individuals, foreign business entities, other LLCs, and corporations. Some people refer to an LLC as a hybrid structure since it combines certain elements of limited liability partnerships with elements of corporations.

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