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"Employment Agreements Services"
San Francisco, CA
"Our company has a business development contractor. Currently he is under a 8 page employment contract that is a straight commission layout. We have agreed upon the terms and the document is written. Now we are looking for legal advice just to make sure that we have all of our bases covered from a legal perspective."
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"Update OA for LLC - Draft Equity Comp. for CTO"
San Francisco, CA
"I am building a startup which is currently structured as a single person LLC. I am looking to bring on a CTO and would like to update and / or create the correct documentation needed in order to divide the equity. An existing Operating Agreement document already exists and may serve as a good starting point. I am really looking for someone who has previous experience working with startups and has the expertise to provide legal advice for someone who is new to the world of startups."
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Starting Up Your Game Changing Company in San Francisco


The Basics

Known for the Golden Gate Bridge, 60’s peace movements and the 49ers, the world class city of San Francisco is also known as the home to some of the hottest startups in the country.  As any good businessperson will tell you, your new business needs a startup lawyer as sharp as your enterprise.  A small business law firm will focus on technical legal requirements needed to successfully form your business enterprise while you focus on conquering the world. 

When you search for the best law firm for startups in the City by the Bay, focus your search looking for a practice that has a new business lawyer that understands all those local, state and federal requirements that need attention.  We can’t focus on everything, and as a startup founder you want to have your eyes on making your business model a success while your business law firm handles all those details ensure your success is protected. 

If your company has an idea, technology or device that needs to be protected by a patent, you don’t want to go it alone.  Dealing with the patent process is best left to a high caliber ip lawyer from the bay area.  These attorneys know the ins and outs of the complicated patent process and will make sure that the process goes smoothly from start to finish.   Prices for a specialty business lawyer in San Francisco will vary, but an investment in a lawyer that will protect your rights in patent, copyrights and trademarks is an investment in the future success of amazing, game changing San Francisco based startup company.


The Money

So you’re on your way to startup success in The City.  Unless you’ve been blessed with wealth or have an unnatural desire to take out even more debt on your credit cards, what you need now is an investment source.  Venture capitalists, angel investors, everyday folks who will go and fund you- all great sources of business capital.  The question is, how do you make it work?

Like developing your idea, the gathering of your financial resources is a process.  As you through that process of gathering those precious financial resources, it’s important to decide what you intend to do with them.  Will your investors be simply that and expect only a return on their investment? Or will your financial backers be stakeholders that become your partners at some level?  All of these questions can be answered with the help of business attorney from San Francisco.  A business law firm is just that- a place where business lawyers in San Francisco focus on, you guessed it – setting up and managing your business.  Your partner in financial success, your business law firm will help guide your fundraising process and help you avoid the catastrophic missteps and pitfalls that can be associated with accepting someone else’s money.

By now you’ve figured out that whatever it is that your startup does, it’s important.  It’s just as important to decide how your financing will be structured and what that financing will mean to your operations.  Your new business lawyer will help you decide how to best structure your capital to ensure that you find success and that your financial backers get exactly what they bargained for when they gave you that big (or little) check.


Achieving Success

We all go into business knowing that what we want to do will be important and change the world, even if it’s just one little piece.  You’ve crafted your idea, found your investors and are well on your way.  Now what?

Now you want to make sure that your new business is poised to take you where you want to go.  Do you plan to hire new employees? Offer profit sharing? Sell to that giant world-wide competitor?  In order to help make these decisions, it’s important to consult your legal expert.

Time to turn back to that top notch business lawyer in San Francisco that you’ve been working with (you have been working with her, right?) If you haven’t, no better time than now to find a business law firm that can structure your startup for success in the long term.  Just as you’ve taken the time to develop your idea, brand and message, you need to develop your plans for future success. 

A business attorney in San Francisco will have the information and tools you need to make the smart decisions that will support your goals.  You don’t want your startup to derailed because you didn’t really understand the difference between an exempt and non-exempt employee for purposes of overtime, or find out the hard way that the person you thought was a 1099 independent contractor is really your employee.  Maybe you’ve decided it’s time to pay off those investors a little early, or that business investor that wanted that management role has become a little too involved.  These situations are common in all businesses but especially in startups.  Engaging a startup lawyer in San Francisco that knows the City, understands your business and knows the rules of legal road will help keep your startup on the path to long term success. 


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