1. Getting a Copy of Certificate of Incorporation in Delaware
2. Documents You Can Request

To request Certificate of Incorporation Delaware, you must submit a request for a Certified Certificate of Status. You make this request with the Delaware Division of Corporations, and the appropriate form is available online.

Getting a Copy of Certificate of Incorporation in Delaware

Forming a corporation in Delaware requires filing the proper paperwork. In this state, a corporation's formation documents are called the Certificate of Incorporation. When filing this document, a corporation must include a wide range of information:

  • The corporation's legal name.
  • The number of authorized shares.
  • The name and address of incorporators and the company's Registered Agent.

Several situations may arise where a certified copy of a company's Certificate of Incorporation is necessary. For example, you may need to present your Certificate of Incorporation to open a business bank account. You can also use this document to prove your business's legal existence.

If you need a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation, you will need to file a Certified Certificate of Status request. The easiest way to obtain the request form is on the Department of State website. You can also pick up the request form in person or call the Department of State and ask that they send you this form by mail.

Once you have obtained the request form, you must fill out the form with the appropriate information. You need to include your name or the name of your company, as well as a return address. To make sure you can be contacted if there is a problem with your request, you should include a phone number or email address.

On the form, you should indicate that you are requesting a Certificate of Incorporation certified copy. You also need to list the number of copies that you need. Indicate how you would like your certified copy delivered, and include a credit card number to pay the required fee. Once you have submitted the request form, you should file it with the Delaware Department of State. You can submit your request in person, by mail, or via fax. You will need to pay a $50 fee, as well as $2 for each page.

Keep these tips in mind to make sure your request is quickly and correctly processed:

  • Don't forget to provide a payment method such as a money order or credit card number.
  • Fees can change at any time. Contact the Division of Corporations to make sure that you are paying the current fee.
  • If you need your request processed in a short period of time, pay for expedited services.

Documents You Can Request

The Delaware Secretary of State can provide certified copies of a wide range of official documents. A certified copy will list both the filing date of the original document and the type of document being certified. All certified copies in Delaware will include the state seal and the signature of the Secretary of State.

You can request a certified copy of any official documents maintained by the Secretary of State:

  • Annual Reports
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Change of Agent
  • Certificate of Merger

Countless reasons exist for a company to request a certified copy of its own documents. For instance, companies will usually need a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation in order to obtain a loan or a business bank account. Having a copy of your Certificate of Incorporation can also provide your company with legitimacy. You can present the copy to potential investors to show that you have completed the incorporation process and that your business is a legal entity.

After incorporating in Delaware, you may decide that you want to register in another state, which means you will have to qualify as a foreign entity. Several states require that you present your Certificate of Incorporation before providing Foreign Qualification. You might also need to request a certified copy if you have misplaced your original copy or if you want a backup copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.

You should remember that a certified copy only reflects the original document that was filed. If you have made changes to your corporation, such as updating its name, these changes will not appear on the certified copy of your Certificate of Incorporation.

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