Knowing how to get a copy of articles of incorporation Nevada is necessary for several situations. A business might need to do this when it wants a certified copy of the formation documents. As an example, certain banks have a mandatory requirement to present a certified copy of articles of organization or incorporation in order to get a business account.

Why Do Companies Need to Get a Copy of Articles of Incorporation in Nevada?

Some states may want to see these documents as well as other filings, including amendments, before a company can conduct business in the state as a foreign entity. This process is called foreign qualification. Companies that plan on expanding internationally should get certified copies of business documents so they can certify them for foreign use.

If you're in charge of the company records for a Nevada LLC or Nevada corporation, you must keep certified copies of all formation documents on file, such as the articles of organization for an LLC, or the articles of incorporation for a corporation. Any amendments must be kept together as well. The articles of incorporation must be dated within the past 90 days in order to get a Nevada Certificate of Authority. If you're in charge of records for a current church in Nevada, you'll need a copy of the articles of incorporation, too.

What is a Nevada-Certified Copy?

A Nevada-certified copy is defined as the copy of a business document that has an endorsement along with a Seal of the Nevada Secretary of State or certificate that declares its a true copy of the document. This certified copy will also have the date the original document was certified by the Nevada secretary of state. This is usually just a photocopy that has the signature of someone who represents the Nevada secretary of state. A certified copy means the copy is accurate, valid, and true.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Nevada-Certified Copy of a Business Document?

A company that is registered in Nevada can order certified copies of its formation documents from the secretary of state of Nevada. It usually takes about four to seven business days in addition to mailing time to process them. It's possible for companies to get certified copies within seven to nine business days. If a company needs them sooner, they can be obtained on the next business day for a fee of $189 in addition to the state document fees.

This only applies if the agency receives the order before noon, Nevada time. The fee for expedited processing also has extra state fees for the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Get a Nevada-Certified Copy Online?

The cost for Nevada certified copies is based on the following:

  • The overall number of pages of documents to be certified.
  • A fee of $40 is charged for up to five pages for all certified copies of documents.
  • A fee of $2 per page past the fifth page is charged for the majority of Nevada business documents.

What are Articles of Organization?

Articles of organization for any limited liability company is considered public record and can be viewed by anyone interested. They should be filed with the entity in the state government that's in charge of corporations. This is often a division of the secretary of state in the state where the LLC is formed as well as in other states where it operates. Most of these offices have a website with search functions and access to documents so that you can request hard copies.

Steps in Finding the Already-Filed Articles of Organization for a Current LLC

The first step is to confirm the name of the LLC exactly and check its status as a current business before looking online or asking for hard copies of the articles of organization. You can then look in the corporate name database for the state government where the LLC conducts business or in the state where it was established. If there aren't any search functions online, talk to the customer service department of the appropriate state office that's in charge of corporations and ask for assistance verifying the LLC's exact name and its status.

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