1. What is an LLC in Oklahoma?
2. Starting an LLC in Oklahoma
3. How to Name Your LLC
4. How to Choose a Registered Agent
5. How to File Your Articles of Organization
6. Operating Agreement

What is an LLC in Oklahoma?

An LLC Oklahoma is a limited liability company that is formed in the state of Oklahoma.

Starting an LLC in Oklahoma

An LLC in the state of Oklahoma is a business that has certain protections against legal liability. These protections are the ones that are similar if you have a corporation, but the LLC does not require the same amount of hassle or paperwork to set it up. Additionally, the LLC retain the simplified taxes and the operating procedures as a partnership.

There is some basic information that will be needed when you first set up the LLC. For example, you must outline the purpose of the business, the business name, where it will be located, who is forming it, and who is managing it.

When your form your LLC and file the appropriate paperwork, you must pay a filing fee of $100. This fee is for the articles of organization for the business and processing of the paperwork. The paperwork should be sent directly to the office of the Oklahoma Secretary of State and processing will take up to 10 business days. This is the case if you decide to mail the paperwork or fax it.

The LLC paperwork can be expedited, and this requires an extra $60 fee. If online or in person filing is completed, there is a chance that processing can take as little as one day.

How to Name Your LLC

When you start your paperwork, you will need to come up with a name. This is the important first step of the process. Names should ones that are suitable to the business you are starting and they should be easily found online when a potential client or customer searches for it.

Additionally, the name must stand out against ones that are already obtained by businesses in the state of Oklahoma. This is one reason why it wise to search through the business name database that is set up online through the Oklahoma Secretary of State’s office website.

According to laws in the state of Oklahoma, the business name must contain the words “Limited Liability Company” or an abbreviation like LLC, L.L.C., or LC. If you decide on a name and do not want to file your paperwork right away, you can reserve it for 60 days. This requires an Application for Reservation of Name filled out and filed with the Oklahoma Secretary of State. You will be charge a $10 fee for this.

Names that are chosen, reserved, and ultimately used for your LLC cannot contain words that may confuse your business with an official one like a bank or governmental office. Also, words like lawyer and doctor cannot be used unless there is a licensed professional starting the business or becoming a member of the LLC. In this case, additionally documents must be included with your application.

One additional thing to consider when creating an LLC and a brand; make sure that the name is associated with an available email and website address.

How to Choose a Registered Agent

LLCs in Oklahoma require the nomination of a registered agent, who will be the individual who accepts business office, both legal and non-legal, on behalf of the LLC. This person should live in Oklahoma. An Oklahoma LLC or a business entity that is legally able to complete business in the state can be named an agent as well.

How to File Your Articles of Organization

When you complete your articles of organization for the LLC and file them, you should look carefully to makes sure that the following information is included:

  • Primary contact information including an email address
  • Name of registered agent and their business or home address
  • Name of LLC and the address for the office
  • Terms of the business that include the expiration or dissolution date of the LLC
  • The signature and name of the individual creating the LLC and the date the papers have been filled out

Operating Agreement

While an operating agreement is not required to register the LLC or to keep it in good standing, the document can help you to organize your business and to outline the way that the LLC is to be run. Create the document at the same time or soon after you develop the articles of organization.

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