Updated October 29, 2020:

LLC Lookup CT

LLC lookup CT refers to Connecticut’s Limited Liability Company business search. In Connecticut, the filings for a new LLC go through the Secretary of State’s Business Entity database.

Limited Liability Company Name Search in Connecticut

When you start a business, the first step is to come up with a name. If you are forming an LLC, then there are ways to ensure that the name you select is available for use.

Connecticut, like every other state, has certain requirements for the name you select for use. It must be distinguishable from other registered businesses in the state. In addition, it should be available for use. To ensure these two things about the name, go to the Connecticut Business Entity database.

When you reach the appropriate page, put your desired name in the search bar.

Enter the LLC name that you desire followed by an asterisk to see all the names that may be similar.

For example, if your desired name is “A&B Widgets LLC”, then just enter “A&B” in the search bar. Leave all of the other boxes blank. There are options about how many records may be returned by the search. Select the number of records you’d like to be returned from the search. It's recommended that you select 100.

If the phrase that comes up is “no records found,” then your desired name is available for your LLC.

Also, if the results that come up are not significantly similar to your desired name, then you may use your desired LLC name. Alternatively, if the name you’ve selected comes up, then you must select another name for your LLC. It can be a different spelling or a unique variation.

The new name must distinguishable from other names on the list. If you aren’t sure about the name meeting the “distinguishable” threshold, then simply leave it to the State of Connecticut. File for a LLC under your desired name and they will sort out whether the name works or not.

Don’t forget to secure a domain name. Even if you have no intention of doing business on the internet, you don’t want someone else owning your business name’s address.

Business Entity Search in Connecticut

All business entities registered in Connecticut are available to search on Connecticut’s Secretary of State’s website. Enter the name for which you are searching into the search bar, then click search.

A list of entities will appear showing the status, filing number, address, and business name.

Click on the name of the business to find out more details and the registered agent summary.

You may also search using only the business filing number or business ID by filling the number into the second field on the search page. The results will include the business name, address, filing number, and the status (in other words, is it active or not).

Forming a Connecticut LLC

There are steps to forming a limited liability company in Connecticut, which are similar to the steps in many other states.

1. Name the Business

Your name must end with a form of “Limited Liability Company;” it can be the full phrase or an abbreviated form like L.L.C., LLC, or Ltd. Co. There must be no indication that the LLC is a corporation. The name has to be significantly different than any other Connecticut registered business.

You are able to reserve a name for 120 days. There is an application on the Connecticut Secretary of State website. There is a fee required.

2. Articles of Organization

Articles filed with the State of Connecticut must include the LLC’s:

  • Business Name and Address
  • Type of Business
  • Registered Agent Name and Address (and signature)
  • Management Structure
  • Name and Address of One Manager or Member
  • Registered Agent

A registered agent in Connecticut must be legally able to conduct business in Connecticut. This agent accepts legal papers on behalf of the LLC.

3. Operating Agreement

This is not required in Connecticut, but it is recommended for every LLC. It lays out the operating structure of the business and sorts out all issues before they become a problem.

4. Pay State and Federal Taxes

5. File Annual Reports

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